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"Covidism is a RELIGION" & Newsweek: "Sweden, Norway Lifting COVID Restrictions... 'Sweden Status: FREE. Norway Status: FREE. Denmark Status: FREE. Scandinavia has become a Beacon of Freedom to the World'"

  Does ANYONE at this point not understand that Covidism is a RELIGION??? Anyone? Bueller? NEW – NY Governor Hochul proclaims, "The vaccine comes from God" and asks those present in the megachurch congregation, "I need you to be my apostles." — (@disclosetv) September 27, 2021 - Ann Barnhardt Newsweek reported "Sweden, Norway Lifting COVID Restrictions Spark Reactions as Pundits Want End to Mandates": The decision by Sweden, Norway, and Denmark to lift COVID-related restrictions has gained mixed reactions on social media amid a push to end vaccine and mask mandates in the U.S. The move to scrap out COVID-related restrictions in all three countries prompted some criticism against the measures in the U.S. [... ] In an op-ed for The Washington Times Johnson said: "The advent of vaccine mandates is exacerbating social divisions and will only increase the pandemic harms." "We are relentlessly told