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Are Francis Catholics like Sammons, Voris & others playing Biden & Trudeau games of Divide & Conquer as well as Mass Formation Psychosis?

    Interim leader of Canada’s opposition Conservative Party Candice Bergen says the situation unfolding in the nation’s capital as police clamp down on protesters was created by the prime minister [Justin Trudeau] “and his desire to divide Canadians.” - The Epoch Times  More Americans Say Biden Is Dividing the Country Rather Than - Newsweek Is there a lesson to be learned about the tactics of how the Francis Trads like Eric Sammons and Francis conservatives such as Michael Voris play Catholics in their ultimate support of the Francis anti-Catholic agenda and how Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau play Marxist games of divide and conquer as well as mass formation psychosis ? Lawyer Scott Lively explains how we are played: Dr. Malone uses “mass formation psychosis” to explain the behavior of the left in their intellectual surrender to the official Covid 19 narrative. I would argue that their surrender to the LGBT agenda, especially the truly insane aspects of transgenderism, is a be