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Socci: Even Francis contradicted Team Francis when he admitted Benedict was Emeritus Pope & "has not Abandoned the Office of Peter"

Antonio Socci in his new book presents the case that when Benedict XVI's personal secretary Georg Ganswein said: "He [Benedict] has not abandoned the office of Peter." And thus according to Benedict's closest collaborator Ganswein became a pope emeritus which has never existed except for retired bishops who still held the munus or office of bishop. An unexpected thing happened when Team Francis went into "damage control" and denied there could be a emeritus "to the office of Peter." Unexpectedly, Francis at some point in time contradicted the "ultra-Bergoglians" assertion that that there couldn't be a emeritus "to the office of Peter." Socci's book says after Ganswein made the above statement in 2016 the "ultra-Bergoglian website Vatican Insider" went into "damage control" by interviewing Team Francis canonist Monsignor Giuseppe Sciacca who said emeritus "regards only the 'episcopa

Cdl. Zen: Francis's Vatican China "Pastoral Document" has "Turned Upside... What is Rightful" or put Simply Francis's Vatican "Document" is Evil

LifeSiteNews reported that Cardinal Joseph Zen said that Francis's Vatican's newest "pastoral document" has "turned upside... what is rightful." Zen said the document "is obviously against all fundament[al] moral theology! If valid, [it] would justify even apostasy!" (LifeSiteNews, "Cld. Zen tells Pope Francis that Vatican's new pastoral doc China justifies 'apostasy,'" July, 5 2019) What Cld. Zen in saying the document is not "rightful" and "against all... moral theology" is saying is that the Francis Vatican document is morally wrong or more accurately it is morally evil. The document in simple terms is giving "reasons" or justifying "apostasy" from the Catholic faith for underground "priests to register" with the totalitarian oppressive atheistic Communist regime that will use this to bring about the "death" of the underground Chinese Church. Zen said:

US State Dept: "$47 million of Nazi Gold was Laundered... 'Held in the Vatican before being moved to Spain and Argentina'"

" In the 1970’s and 80’s the Vatican became increasingly embroiled in what has come to be called the Vatican Bank Scandal. At the center of these scandals was Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, the American-born priest who was the president of the Vatican Bank from 1971-1989. Many articles and books have detailed the history of this scandal. It will suffice to say that in the mid 1980’s , according to a report in the Arizona Republic , “ Italian civil authorities tried to arrest Marcinkus in connection with a stunning array of crimes, including assassination financing, arms smuggling, and trafficking in stolen gold, counterfeit currencies and radioactive materials. Italian authorities also wanted to talk to Marcinkus regarding what he knew about numerous murders. Through the late 1970s and early 1980s, most every key player involved in schemes with Marcinkus ended up dead.” Again, according to the Republic , “In the past six month, the Marcinkus case has taken on renewed interest around

Usury and the Love of Money: The Amazonian Synod, Chastisement for Our Betrayal

Usury and the Love of Money: The Amazonian Synod, Chastisement for Our Betrayal By James Larson By admin in Uncategorized on July 2, 2019 . It has often been said that “the blood of martyrs is the seed of Christians”. This speaks to the fact that being a true “witness” (the Greek meaning for the word “martyr”) to the Truth of Christ generates a light which draws and converts souls. It may equally be said, however, that the hypocrisies, compromises, duplicities, and infidelities of Catholics generate the darkness of the heresies and apostasies through which the Gospel and Christian civilization are scorned and rejected. This of course can occur without the Church having ever directly contradicted any doctrinal teaching of the infallible Magisterium. And it is also true that at a certain level of such duplicity and compromise, the whole concept of Christian civilization becomes subject to the accusation that it is the traditional Church itself which is the primary villain r

Socci: If Benedict's "Limited" Resignation is Valid then is "the Entire Juridical Order" Overturned where "the Law is Lost"?

Antonio Socci in his new book appears to be making the case that for Benedict XVI's resignation to be valid then "the entire juridical order" may have to be invalidated where "the law is lost." Benedict's resignation said: "[M]y strengths... are no longer suited to the adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry." For theologian and canonist Stefano Violi the key limiting term or word in the resignation is "exercise": "[T]he limited renunciation of the active exercise of the munus constitutes the absolute novelty of the renunciation of Benedict XVI." Respected canonist Guido Ferro Canales says that this type of "renunciation" echoes the famous German Philosopher Carl Schmitt's "philosophical category of a 'state of exception'": "Here, the 'state of exception' is to be understood... the suspension of the entire order of law that is in force. If this situation occurs, it is c

Viganò's Statement: "Francis himself is Covering Up Abuse" confirmed in 2017 Italian Abuse Network Report

The "Pope's altar boy" sex abuse allegations cover-up of Francis and his Vatican which was just divulged by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, as reported on LifeSiteNews, was a "bomb exploded" report that the Italian sex abuse network Rete Abuso revealed in 2017. (LifeSiteNews, "New Viganò testimony: Vatican covered up allegations of sexual abuse of Pope's altar boys," July 3, 2019) The Rete Abuso President Francesco Zanardi wrote: "From the legal point of view, a bomb exploded at the home by Pope Francis, who this time will not be able to hide behind any excuse, because the legal competence of the alleged [sex abuse] crime... occurred in the Vatican City State... [where is] the 'zero tolerance' so much acclaimed in the pontificate of Bergoglio." (, "Don Gabriele Marinelli is the priest accused of abuse in the minor seminary in Vatican. Bergoglio is consistent and transparent," November 15, 2017) The

Socci: Could Benedict XVI "Resign Solely for Reasons of Age"?

Antonio Socci in his new book shows evidence that Benedict XVI might not have been able to "resign solely for reasons of age." Benedict's resignation said: "[B]oth strength of mind and body... has deteriorated... I have had to recognize my incapacity... For this reason I declare that I renounce the ministry of Bishop of Rome, successor of Saint Peter." "An authoritative canonist, Cardinal Vincent Faggioli" under John Paul II wrote: "[I]n an exhaustive and absolute way, the pope may not resign solely for reasons of age." (The Secret of Benedict XVI, Pages 67-76) Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

Socci: Roman Jurist states Benedict's Resignation "Time Limit" of "28 February 2013, at 20:00 Hours" makes Resignation "Invalidated"

Antonio Socci in his new book presents evidence that Benedict XVI's placing of a "time limit" on his resignation makes the resignation invalid according to a Roman jurist." Benedict's resignation stated: "[F]rom 28 February 2013, at 20:00 hours, the See of Rome, the See of Saint Peter, will be vacant." Roman jurist Emilio Papinano asserted: "Legitimate acts do not admit of any time limit or condition... are completely invalidated by the addition of any condition." (The Secret of Benedict XVI, "Pages 68-75) Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

Socci: Why did Benedict XVI purposefully choose "Pope Emeritus" instead of "Bishop Emeritus of Rome" & Claim this title "Corresponds to the Reality"?

Antonio Socci in his new book says that an authoritative canonist told Benedict XVI that his new title "ought" to be "bishop emeritus of Rome" since he would no longer be pope. But, Benedict had it "announced" that his title would be "pope emeritus." After the resignation, which later in the book Socci says is "at least... absolutely doubtful," Benedict's secretary Georg Ganswein said: "He [Benedict] believes that this title corresponds to the reality." Socci explains the "doubtful resignation" problem if Benedict thinks this "corresponds to the reality": "The pope emeritus is logically still the pope, just as a bishop emeritus is still a bishop." (The Secret of Benedict XVI,  Pages  64-73) Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.