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Francis Joke: Death Penalty is Intrinsically Evil Act even though I Eliminated Intrinsically Evil Acts

This is funny. I'm laughing. The National Catholic Register's J.D. Flynn, with a straight face, yesterday wrote that the Pope is developing doctrine on the death penalty: Francis in saying "the death penalty 'is in itself contrary to the Gospel'... evoked the theological concept of 'intrinsically evil acts.'" Flynn isn't up in the newest development in doctrine. This week, the Pope's confidant Antonio Spadaro confirmed, what philosopher Josef Seifert said of Amoris Laetitia (303), that Francis has eliminated intrinsically evil acts. The National Catholic Reporter, on October 6, quotes Spadaro: "We must conclude that the Pope realizes that one can no longer speak of an abstract category of persons and... praxis of integration in a rule that is absolutely to be followed in every instance." The Register is behind the times. Francis eliminated intrinsically evil acts so the death penalty can't be an intrincically evil