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COVID: Is the Francis "Hierarchy... being used by the Devil"?

If you are elderly or have health issues such as having a weaken immune system because you are HIV positive you have a greater chance of dying of COVID-19. Might one reason for the Coronavirus hysteria especially in the Francis hierarchy be because a certain percentage of them may be HIV positive? Might this be why the Francis " hierarchy [is] react[ing] by... closing churches... [and] being  used by the Devil"?: "On the occasion of the Coronavirus epidemic , did the hierarchy react by encouraging the few practicing Catholics left in Italy to pray more , and to invite the non-practicing to return to the Sacraments? Did they think of organizing nights of prayer, processions, pilgrimages as had been the common practice in the Church up to recent times, Venice in the 15 th Century comes to mind; Milan in the 16 th , Marseilles in the 18 th . No indeed: rather they have been busy closing churches , or if they keep them open, they seem unwilling to pro

Science on Mask's Possible Effects: "Can Damage the Lungs... can even be Life Threatening" & "Mental Confusion... Loss of Consciousness and Death"

The coronavirus overwhelmingly kills elderly people. It appears that the coronavirus mask might have a better chance of killing a non-elderly person than COVID-19: "COVID-19... N95 masks are estimated to reduce oxygen intake by anywhere from 5 to 20 percent. That’s significant, even for a healthy person. It can cause dizziness and lightheadedness. If you wear a mask long enough, it can damage the lungs. For a patient in respiratory distress, it can even be life threatening." [ ] "Because there are no warning signs of reduced oxygen concentrations, these environments are extremely dangerous . Effects of exposure to low oxygen concentrations can include giddiness, mental confusion , loss of judgment, loss of coordination, weakness, nausea, fainting, loss of consciousness and death" [https :// › Files › PDF › compan

Cardinal Rigali: Pro-Abort Biden & Abortion are "Compar[able]... to the Holocaust"

Joe Biden is not a real Catholic. He can call himself a Catholic, but he should have been excommunicated for his pro-abortion record.  In 2008, Cardinal Justin Rigali said of Biden's record and abortion "during the Republican convention... for his archdiocesan newspaper comparing abortion to the [Nazi] Holocaust" according to liberal Betty Clermont. ("The Neo-Catholics," pages 282) Pew Research Center reported Cardinal Rigali, "chairman of the U.S. Bishops Committee on Pro-Life Activities...  'Slam[ed] Biden over Abortion Comments'": On the Sept. 7 [2008], Meet the Press , host Tom Brokaw asked Biden what he would say if Obama asked him, 'When does life begin? Help me out here, Joe.' Biden replied, 'I’d say, ‘Look, I know when it begins for me.’ It’s a personal and private issue. For me, as a Roman Catholic, I’m prepared to accept the teachings in my church.” But, Biden added, “for me to impose that judgment on others is inap

Time: "Does [Extremist Pro-Abortion] Biden Have a Catholic Problem?"

By picking the extremist pro-abortion radical Kamala Harris as his running mate, Joe Biden has proven again to all Catholics that he is not a Catholic by campaigning for the killing of unborn babies. Harris in 2019 stumped for pro-death Virginia Democrat Kathy Tran who introduced "controversial late-term abortion legislation" in that state. (Washington Examiner, "Kamala Harris stumps for late-term abortion Virginia Democrat ahead of state elections, October 27, 2019: ) Extremist pro-abortion Biden had the same problem in 2008 when Time magazine asked, "Does Biden Have a Catholic Problem?": "When Barack Obama announced that he had chosen Joe Biden as his running mate , Catholic Democrats knew some kind of religious rumble was inevitable. " "...  Sure enough, the day after Biden's selection the archbishop of Denv

Why doesn't Taylor Marshall know about Antipope Anacletus II & his Pseudocardinals?

Dr. Taylor Marshall in his book "Infiltration" made up a pseudo problem against investigating the validity of the Francis conclave despite the fact that Cardinal Raymond Burke told Patrick Coffin there are "grounds... for calling into question the [Francis] election." (Patrick Coffin show, Dubia Cardinal Goes on Record - Raymond Cardinal Burke," 19:55 to 21:46) In page 239 of his book he presents his non-problem by saying if Francis's election was invalid then "those Francis cardinals are invalid cardinals. A [future] conclave including invalid cardinals would itself be invalid." Which leads to the question: Why doesn't Marshall know about Antipope Anacletus II and his pseudocardinals? Briefly, here is a little background on the antipope. St. Bernard of Clairvaux investigated the validity of the Anacletus conclave and found his pontificate was not valid because he had violated the conclave constitution. It so happened that

St. Bernard's "Vengeance" on Satan and an Imperfect Council in Our Time

 In the St. Bernard of Clairvaux journey which would end the antipapacy of antipope Anacletus (with "truth and reason") according to a story from tradition Satan attempted to block this journey by breaking down the transportation of Bernard: "The devil we are told, had a particular objection to this journey. He foresaw and hated what was to come of it. Therefore,... the demon broke the wheel of the carriage in which the Abbot travelled... The saint... took vengeance on his enemy... he ordered Satan himself to become a wheel, and replace the broken one. The fallen angel obeyed the words of the holy man...and... carried Bernard to his destination." (The Life and Time of Saint Bernard by James Cotter Morison, M.A., Page 210 tells the traditional story and page 212 speaks of how Bernard ended the antipapacy with "truth and reason") Might Satan in our time be attempting to block the saintly cardinal or bishop who needs to come forward to call an

Shouldn’t... Masks be Considered “Toxic Waste” - especially as they are Supposedly Trapping a Virus so Deadly we need Bogus Test"?

Fiona Marie Flanagan @fionamflanagan1   Shouldn’t these masks be considered “toxic waste” - especially as they are supposedly trapping a virus so deadly we need bogus test to know we have it. Surely even muzzle wearers can see the blatant inconsistency here? Or is that simply too much to hope for?   4:54 AM · Aug 20, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone @fionamflanagan1   please stop stating the obvious. Your making the hypocrites uncomfortable.   Replying to    @fionamflanagan1   ..Wondering if the mask holes are too big to catch the smaller fish...   Replying to @fionamflanagan1   Let the sheep pick up after themselves Replying to @fionamflanagan1   Maskaholics Anonymous.   Replying to @fionamflanagan1 and @mikerestorer   Very good point!  [ ]   Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Pope John Paul II Was No Gaslighter, Vatican II Apologist Fr. Gaitley!

"It is supremely ironic, in fact, to hear the claimants of the Karol Wojtyla charism appealing not to reason and Revelation as he did, but resorting to Tradition Shaming instead.   If people have questions about Vatican II, why should they not be answered?   If divine mercy is as great and limitless as Father Gaitley and the current Bishop of Rome contend that it is, why do these clerics and others like them marginalize and stigmatize those with whom they evidently disagree?   And what does it tell us when we witness the proponents of the Amoris Option lapsing into abusive and indeed Communist/secularist tactics instead?" - Catholic Monitor Sunday in his podcast, Taylor Marshall nails it.   He says he has had enough of people playing the “John Paul II Card,” in order to legitimize ambiguities in Vatican II (and not just in that Council’s implementation, or interpretation).   In Dr. Marshall’s own words (9:20 or so): When I hear Bishop Barron using the ambiguities that I

"Cautious" Voris' Opinion vs. Two Doctors of the Church & an Medieval French King

Church Militant Michael Voris' opinion is: "No member of the laity can sit in judgment over a pope. Only God judges the pope. And then when the man who was pope dies and is no longer pope, a future pope can judge him and declare him an anti-pope. If others want to venture into those waters ahead of a future pope, you go right ahead, but I would greatly caution you spiritually." [] Is Voris' opinion true? Cardinal Raymond Burke showed in an 2016 interview with the Catholic World Report that he knew the teaching of Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales: [T]he Pope... when he is explicitly a heretic... falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church either deprive him, or, as some say, declare him deprived, of his Apostolic See." (The Catholic Controversy by St. Francis de Sales, Pages 305-306) Cardinal Raymond Burke in the interview responded to the Voris opinion. In the interv

Cdl. Burke: The "Grounds... for... [In]validity of the [Francis] Election would be... Campaign Organized Beforehand which is Strictly Forbidden"

Former intelligence officer Steven O’Reilly strangely wrote about the evidence he presented in which it appears there was invalidating campaigning before the conclave that "even if a 'campaign' by itself might not invalidate a [Francis] conclave." Turning the table on him, isn't it possible that the evidence might be the beginning process to invalidate "a [Francis] conclave." Here is what he wrote: "Prior to March 2nd, McCarrick was not ‘talking up Bergoglio’ but after the visit from the “influential Italian gentleman,” a friend of Cardinal Bergoglio, he commenced doing so.  As I opined before (see The Influential Italian Gentleman: McCarrick “touted the praises” of Bergoglio Prior to the Conclave ), it seems unlikely that a narcissist like McCarrick would have been moved to action had this request come from some random acquaintance who did not have a direct link to Bergoglio. What seems more probable is that he would be moved to action if he

COVID: "This is Wuhan, China last Saturday... We’re Being Lied to" @samanthamarika1 This is Wuhan, China last Saturday. Yeah...things aren’t adding up. We’re being lied to my friends. 17K views0:12 / 0:43 7:16 PM · Aug 17, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone     Click to view:   Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Obnoxious: "I think we now have some Idea why Taylor Marshall Dropped [Tim Gordon] like a Hot Potato"

About a week ago or so, a writer friend texted telling me that I was being "trashed":  "Tim Gordon is being way beyond obnoxious! I think we now have some idea why Taylor Marshall dropped him like a hot potato." Then, I got an email from a well known Catholic pundit telling me the same thing that Gordon and his friends on Tweeter were having a competition of  "nasty tweets" directed at me which had undertones of racism against the Mexican Fred Martinez.  Is Gordon a racist? I want to say right now that I don't think Gordon is a racist. If I remember correctly, his wife is half-Mexican. But, is Gordon obnoxious? A better question to ask might be: Is Fred Martinez obnoxious? I can be very obnoxious at times. That's why I try to go to Confession every week.  I had hoped that Gordon might have gone to Confession after his moment of "nastiness." Then, when the Catholic Monitor comment section was invaded by the "nasty" Tim Gordon mi