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Katie Couric and her Big Media Colleagues Unspeakable Sexual Jokes shows they Revel in Depravity

Katie and her big media colleagues made sexual refenece to human feces, masturbation, Ann Coulter having male sexual parts, etc.... As David Kupelian said they are "so far away from modesty and common decency that they revel in the kind of depraved behavior I'm describing." This is why they hate common people of virtue like Sarah Palin who won't have an abortion or support their beloved depraved behavior. We no longer have a free press, but a perverse press. Fred "This bizarre mindset infects more than just a few cable news personalities. A rare look at a normally hidden face of the “mainstream press” was afforded by the 2008 celebrity roast of NBC’s “Today” co-anchor Matt Lauer in New York City. With cameras and recording devices banned from the proceedings, news icons ranging from Lauer and “Today” colleagues Al Roker and Meredith Vieira to CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric to NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams to NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker competed w

Has Obama No Regard for the 15 Million Unemployed Americans?

Obama Prevaricates about Jobs June 11, 2010 by Phyllis Schlafly The spectacular loss of American jobs is devastating to more Americans than the oil spill in the Gulf, but Barack Obama still doesn't get it. This month he bragged to an audience of truckers in Hyattsville, Maryland, that our economy is "getting stronger by the day." The U.S. Labor Department reports a very different picture. The number of long-term unemployed, defined as Americans out of work for 27 or more weeks, is at its highest level since the Labor Department began collecting such data in the 1940s. More bad news comes from the Labor Department. In May, 431,000 jobs were added, but nine-tenths of them were government jobs. Unemployment of young men is the highest in 61 years of record-keeping, according to the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston. The numbers for minority teenagers are tragic. Obama's $787 billion federal stimulus program was packaged in mental images