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Is Pope Francis's "Personal Friend" Zanchetta, living in his Residence, a Gay Pervert?

LifeSiteNews reported: "[T]he words of the priest who signed the second document [testimony], "Zanchetta was a personal friend of the Holy Father." (LifeSiteNews, "Pope Francis knew of Bishop's abuse years before Vatican posting, new document indicate," February 27, 2019) Pope Francis's "personal friend" Archbishop Gustavo Zanchetta, who apparently lives "in Casa Santa Marta, where Francis himself resides," is a gay pervert according to the document. (Lifesitenews, "Vatican sex abuse cover-up unravels as prosecutors home in on bishop protected by Pope Francis," February 18, 2019) That is unless the testimony on Zanchetta by Argentinian Church officials is only them lying through their teeth about the "personal friend" of Francis. Is lying through your teeth about your boss's "personal friend" something any normal person is going to do? To put this situation in perspective, imagine Presid

If the Catholic Resistance isn't Praying and Fighting for this we are Lost

If the Catholic resistance isn't praying and fighting for love of God for our souls and for the souls of others then we are lost. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange put the immensity of the stakes well: - "Our chief concern will be the immensity of the human soul." - "[W]hat hell is: that boundless void which can never be filled; the unmeasured depths of the soul forever deprived of that sovereign good which alone could fill those depths." - "[H]eaven is, an instantaneous moment which will never pass away: the unchanging possession of life everlasting, of God who alone can fill the boundless depths of the human will... our will is illumined not merely by sense and imagination but by the intellect which, grasping universal reality, grasps likewise universal and boundless good which, speaking concretely, is found in God alone, the infinite good." - "Life everlasting then throws great light on our life here below. It draws us up out of our life he

Has Francis's Error on the Death Penalty "Matured" to the point of being Pertinaciously a Heresy?

St. Thomas Aquinas says "[I]f not pertinaciously, then he is not a heretic, but only one who errors." (Encyclopedia of Medieval Philosophy Between 500 and 1500, St 2-2 q.5) In Latin pertinacious means "perversely persistent." ( Pope Francis appears to want to be perversely persistent in pushing the error that the death penalty is "inadmissible" with his newest statement that his contradiction of Church teaching is "matured" church teaching. Thomist theologian Peter Kwasnieski said on Francis's contradiction of Catholic teaching: "Whether Francis is a formal heretic - that is, fully aware that what he is teaching on capital punishment is contrary to Catholic doctrine, and proves pertinacious in maintaining his position in spite of rebuke - is a matter to be adjudicated by the College of Cardinals." (LifeSiteNews, "Pope's change to Catechism contradicts natural law and deposit of Faith," August

Maduro's Troops "'are Killing the Indigenous on their Land'" as Tribal Leaders flee facing "'War... Orders to Fire at us'""

The Guardian reported that Nicolas Maduro's troops on Friday opened gunfire on protesters injuring many indigenous people and "killed a Pemon [indigenous] woman, Zoraida Rodriguez, after pro-opposition [indigenous] protesters tried to stop their convoy passing." Cartographer Salomon Martinez traveling with with Pemon injured because "several of his relatives were hit" said: "We want the world to know what is happening, that the blood of Venezuelan people is being spilled and the government is trying to hide it... They are killing the Indigenous on their land." (The Guardian, "'Venezuelan blood is being spilled': tensions flares near border with Brazil," February 24, 2019) The article reported that three people "were killed and more than 20 injured" as the Pemon tribal leaders are fleeing for their lives. "Candy, a leader of the indigenous Pemon Territorial Guard, told the Guardian": "I am protecting