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The Catholic Resistance vs. Francis in 2019

The Catholic Resistance scored major victories against Francis and his Vatican in 2019 before the New Year Slapgate scandal. Francis and his Vatican are losing not just because he covered-up for sex-abuse predators as well as teaches that the sacrilege of Communion for adulterers is morally acceptable and in the recent Amazon Synod promoted idolatry and heresy. Most of all they are losing because we are fighting them for God and He will not forsake us. April 30, 2019 was a major victory, 19 top Catholic scholars led by the world renowned theologian Fr. Aidan Nichols declared that "A heretical papacy may not be tolerated": "[T]he world's bishops [must]... admonish the Pope and [he] must publicly reject heresy or face losing the papacy." (, " Father Aidan Nichols Signs Open Letter Charging Pope Francis with Heresy," May 1, 2019), The last remnant of the enablers of Francis and his Vatican who claim to believe in the orthodox

Have "Conservative" Francis Catholics Lost their "Faith [while]... Unaware of the Fact"?

Therese, a commenter at the Catholic Monitor, said: "[C]onservatives have... a slow-moving liberalism that by one accommodation after another will end in humanism." "I was listening to a radio interview from the 90's in which the featured guest pointed out that when you lose your faith typically you are unaware of the fact... I am praying especially for the grace not to fall into this trap." A few years ago,  if any bishop had explicitly taught what Francis now teaches about allowing Communion for adulterers and that the death penalty is "immoral," most of the conservative Catholics would have said it was heretical. What early Church expert Rod Bennett said of the Semi-Arians is now true apparently of Francis "conservatives" attacking the Catholic Resistance: "[Pope] Liberius signed the Semi-Arian Creed of Sirmium... designed to bear both an orthodox and heretical interpretation." ("Bad Shepherds," Page 27) L

Are Anti-EWTN Where Peter Is Lewis & Gay Activist Martin members of Francis's Radical Environmentalist Inner Circle?

On January 2, Where Peter Is's Mike Lewis joined gay activist Fr. James Martin on the radical environmentalist Tony Annett's Twitter thread. In the immediate Tweet after Martin, the pro-Communion for adulterers Lewis tweeted: "EWTN *CAUSED* the 'Amoris Debacle.'" Does this mean that Lewis may like follow traveler radical environmentalist Bishop Rick Stika, also, equates abortion to climate change? On September 19, 2019 on Twitter, Bishop Rick Stika issued a anti-EWTN Tweet against Raymond Arroyo:  "Raymond is at it again." The radical environmentalist Annett on the same Stika Twitter thread responded: "I wish more bishops would speak out." On May 1, 2019, Stika on Twitter let it be known that he had joined the radical environmentalist circles when he equated abortion to climate change: "Climate change is real just as abortion is real." It appears that Lewis and Stika want to join Francis's radical environm

Propaganda: Does anyone Think even Netflix's Imagined "Nazi" Benedict could Slap a Woman like Netflix's Francis the "Meek and Humble" did?

Lawyer Chris Ferrara and  Catholic News Service explain why the Netflix's "Two Popes" is pure propaganda: - "In 'The Two Popes' (Netflix), their glossy but highly speculative account of supposedly real events, screenwriter Anthony McCarten and director Fernando Meirelles ill-advisedly try to extol Pope Francis (Jonathan Pryce) by trashing retired Pope Benedict XVI (Anthony Hopkins)." "They even go so far as to give brief screen time to two people who label the pontiff emeritus a Nazi."[  ] - "[O]ne can hardly imagine a Pope like Venerable Pius XII acting in this way [slapping a woman] — that does not explain the worldwide attention to the incident." "Here, I believe, is what does explain it:  Francis has carefully cultivated the persona [with the total support of the media and Netflix] of the meek, kind and humble Pope who is a veritable font of me

"Pope Francis Struggles to Escape Scandals of 2019," 2018, etc...

Why does the Wall Street Journal think Francis struggles to escape scandals started in only 2019? Pope Francis Struggles to Escape Scandals of 2019 The pope starts new year dogged by crises that complicate his agenda ROME—Pope Francis ended 2019 in embarrassment when he angrily slapped the hand of a woman who had pulled on his own while he was greeting pilgrims on New Year’s Eve. He began 2020 with a public apology for losing his patience and setting a “bad example.” It was a fitting coda to a year in which the pope addressed one scandal—the Catholic Church’s sex-abuse crisis—only to become embroiled in another, over the Vatican’s murky finances. [  ] Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Why didn't Crux make Excuses for this Clerical Slapping?

Slideshow Crux is making many excuses for Francis's slapping. Why didn't Crux make excuses for this clerical slapping? French priest forced to retire after slapping baby during baptism      Fred Martinez Hide To Rene Henry Gracida, Christian Order, Liz Yore,,, Laramie Hirsch, Fred Martinez, Fred Martinez Cc   Bcc   Slideshow   ROME - An elderly priest has been suspended in France for slapping a crying baby during a baptism, after a video of the incident went viral earlier this week. Video footage shows young parents prying their infant child away from 89-year-old Father Jacques LaCroix after he twice slapped him while he was crying during the baptism

Why would Christopher Ferrara, of all People, want to do Damage Control for the Author of Amoris laetitia? Bergoglian Derangement Syndrome?

Catholic Monitor commenter Justina  thought Chris Ferrara joined the Francis and Pachamama apologist blog Where Peter Is in calling Francis's slapping of a woman's hand a "trivial matter": " Chris Ferrara at joins in the trivialization effort, stating that "too much" has been made of this incident. Tellingly, Ferrara omits all mention of the obscenities that possibly punctuated the slapping, reporting only that Bergoglio said, "Hands! Hands!". Whatever else the Purveyor of False Mercy said, it was something--something Counselor Ferrara's take ostentatiously omits. Evidently, in his retreat from the reality of doubtful Bergoglian validity, Father Gruner's friend is willing not only to ignore Father Gruner's own opinion, but empirical evidence itself. Does having a foul mouth and a quick temper prove that a person isn't the Pope? No; of course not. But why are those committed to the concept of Bergoglian validi

Isn't Hand Slapping kind of Girly?

Am I the only one who thought this? After I noticed that girly Catholic websites like gay activist Fr. James Martin's America, the pro-gay Crux, the National Catholic Reporter which I call the National Gay Reporter and Where Peter Is which I call Where Pachamama Is were the main Catholic defenders of Francis's slapping of a woman's hand this thought came to my mind: Isn't hand slapping kind of girly? The Chicago Tribune apparently thought so too: "Girls grow up playing those hand-slapping kinds of games, like `My sister Susie went down to the seashore,' where you hit your friend's hands. It's a bonding thing that helps them be more focused and relaxed. If they're in a good streak and do the same routine, then they feel they're going good." [ ] It appears even pro-Francis Jimmy Kimmel might have thought so : Earlier this week, Melania Trump ignited ano

Trusting God and His Providence is like a Boxing Match

Trusting God and His providence: Praying for your children, family, friends and your own salvation is only done or finished when the bell rings. So keep punching (praying) and don't let down your guard or gloves (confidence in God and awareness in your shortcomings which is true humility) until the last bell rings in the last round. Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

One Peter Five Eric Sammons Stop "Flinging of Devil-Words like 'Heresy' and 'Schism'"

One Peter Five Eric Sammons stop "flinging of devil-words like 'heresy' and 'schism'" says Catholic Monitor commenter  Fr. VF : Fr. VF The Magisterium does not teach the name of the pope. No one commits schism or heresy by holding a minority opinion on the identity of the pope. It's time to call out the Mottramists on their abusive flinging of devil-words like "heresy" and "schism." [  ] Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Where Peter Is (& Armstrong) defend Francis's Slapping of Woman calling it a "Trivial Matter"

The Francis and Pachamama apologist blog Where Peter Is defended Francis's slapping of a woman's hand and called it a "trivial matter": "Regardless of whether the Pope slapped this woman's hand... " "Even if the Pope really insulted the women with a curse word... " "... all of this does not prove that the Pope is not fit for his post, nor will he resign over such a trivial matter." (Where Peter Is, "On yanking and slapping hands," January 1, 2020) In the comment section of this post Francis and Pachamama apologist Dave Armstrong showed that he agreed with the article's defense of Francis's slapping and the calling of it a "trivial matter" by saying: "Good job." Never forget that the Francis and Pachamama apologist blog called Where Peter Is, which I call Where Pachamama Is, defended Francis's slapping of a woman and called it a "trivial matter." Pray an Our Father now

One Peter Five's Eric Sammons "does not know his Theology well"

One of the great heroes in the present crisis canon law expert Br. Alexis Bugnolo said in the comment section of the Catholic Monitor that One Peter Five's Eric Sammons "does not know his theology well": "Sammons also does not know his theology well. For he says here" "That schism is a sin against the faith. But all who have ever read the Summa of Theology of Saint Thomas or any treatise on Schism know that it is a sin AGAINST CHARITY, A SIN AGAINST COMMUNION. Not a sin against faith. Both schismatics and those from whom they break might, theoretically, agree on all matters of doctrine and morals." "So if Mr. Sammons wants to look credible, he should at least read a tract on Schism written by a sound theology before tweeting inanities on Twitter." [ ] Br. Bugnolo said the above in the followi

Canon Law Expert: How to Write to the Cardinals about Francis without getting Excommunicated

Canon law expert Br. Alexis Bugnolo's advice on how to writing letters to the cardinals without risking "any possible canonical counter-attack on the grounds of schism, heresy or the violation of canon law, because as you can see from the cases of the Scottish Hermits and Father Minutella and Dr. Galat, the Bergoglians are very quick on the excommunication tactic": Regarding the suggestion to write an old fashioned letter to all the Cardinals, that is doable. But I think it would have no effect, unless we can muster a good number of names of canonists, theologians, clergy and even perhaps some bishops as signatories. I think I can write an acceptible letter, but it would then have to be discussed among the potential signatories, becuase you wont get a good number to sign, unless they all agree. And I am not yet sure there are that many who understand Canon 332.2 or the principles of Divine and Apostolic Right in a time of necessity. So to gather the Cardinals to do som

Even in 2008 Bishop Gracida was the only St. Athanasius-like Bishop in USA

Bishop Rene Gracida has been the only St. Athanasius-like Bishop in United States since 2008 and longer. This is from the Bishop Gracida's website: I DO NOT KNOW WHY FRED MARTINEZ REPOSTED TODAY THIS ITEM FROM HIS BLOG ARCHIVE BUT I APPRECIATE HIS RECOGNITION OF THE IMPORTANCE OF NOT VOTING FOR PRO-ABORTION POLITICAL CANDIDATES, OF WHOM THERE IS NO SHORTAGE RUNNING FOR POLITICAL OFFICE IN 2021 Posted on January 2, 2020 by abyssum The Fred Martinez Report Sunday, October 26, 2008 Catholic Bishop’s Radio Ad could Sink Obama -To hear and download bishop Gracida’s radio ad at no charge, go to . To organize a press conference in your area on Thursday, October 30, go to for instructions. -Simply contact your local radio station(s), buy 10 or 20 radio ads yourself, and they can download the audio file t

Papal Validity: Are Francis's "Inappropriate" Slapping as well as Kissing & "Childlike" Behaviors Signs he may be Demented or have Dementia?

 Francis's inappropriate angry "childlike" hand slapping episode when added to the earlier in the year ring-kissing behavior controversy where he appeared to play the immature children's "gotcha" game that received similar headline sequences was similarly explained as "bizarre," "awkward" and "cringeworthy." (, "The bizarre ring-kissing controversy, March 28, 2019) The many episodes of "bizarre behavior of Francis" apparently are a habit pattern, but other than when he is not angrily and dynamicly denouncing faithful Catholics or American anti-socialism he appears to be normal if somewhat dynamic or theatrical. Francis's theatrical spoiled child ways remind one of a C.S. Lewis' Great Divorce character, the theatrical Frank, who is like all leftists who have acted like tyrannical spoiled children since Karl Marx in wanting to use "pity" to "blackmail the universe: that

What would the Democrats & Media do if Trump Slapped a Woman's Hand?

If President Donald Trump slapped a woman's hand then the Democrats would re-impeach him for abuse of presidential power as well as charge him with not simply assault and battery, but also attempted murder. They would probably also charge him with attempted rape, but Hillary might still be their candidate against President Trump and they don't want voters to remember an alleged charge against her husband Bill Clinton. Meanwhile, the media would have 24 hour non-stop coverage of the presidential abuse of power and attempted murder trial in the Democratic House of Representatives. Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart Mary.

Sardonic CNN: Francis "Slaps," "Smacks" & "Shouts" at Woman, then "Denounces Violence against Women"

Today, CNN Wire's apparent sarcastic headline was "Pope Francis Slaps woman's hand, then denounces violence against women." The ironical article reported Francis saying women are "continuely insulted, beaten," then reported that Francis was "sorry" for "slapping" and for "smacking a woman's hand" and possibly he was also "sorry" for "the altercation [which] also appears to show him shouting at the women" according to CNN. It appears that even the pro-Francis CNN seems to be a bit sarcastically unbelieving and sardonically mocking of the Francis apology as well as his stated concern for women "insulted" and "beaten." Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Hand Slapped Asian Woman to Francis: "Hong Kong es..."?

This is my take on what the Asian woman whose hands were slapped by Francis said. At Fr. Z's Blog a Asian commenter Disc-Thrower from a Asian "multiethnic city" said her language isn't any of seven Asian languages he knows and "wondered if" it was heavily accented "Spanish or Italian?" (Fr. Z's Blog, "Distraught woman grabs Francis' hand and pleads. What did she say?" December 31, 2019) I think the Asian commenter may be right, but after many times listening to it in slow and regular speed all I was able to hear or could understand, and I can't say this with 100 certainty, is: "Hong Kong es... ." Obviously if this is accurate the Spanish words "Hong Kong es"  just means "Hong Kong is" in English. If as Fr. Z's headline put it the "distraught woman [was]... plead[ing]" for Francis to support Hong Kong, despite the pro-China Francis refusal to condemn the Chinese Communist

How might Francis Trads and Conservatives Catholics become Full-blown Modernist Heretics?

"Obviously there could be no more effective way of reducing the teaching on the necessity of the Church for the attainment of eternal salvation to an empty formula than the explanation advanced by  Newman [in "Letter to the Duke of Norfolk] in what are probably the least felicitous pages of all his published works. That explanation is certainly one of those reproved in the encyclical letter Humani generis." (The Catholic Church and Salvation: In the Light of Recent Pronouncements by the Holy See, By Monsignor Joseph Clifford Fenton, Member of the Pontifical Theological Academy, 1958,  Page 126) Francis apologist Mike Lewis of the Where Peter Is blog who is also an apologist for Communion for adulterers and pachamama worship has finally shown me how it appears some Francis traditionalists and conservative Catholics become first liberal Catholics, that is semi-Modernists, and finally full-blown Modernist heretics. The answer appears to be that they reject Thomistic r

Br. Buguolo has "been Tasked by Bishop Gracida to Contact one of" the "40 to 70" Silent Fearful Anti-Francis Cardinals & Brother asks for Volunteers

One of the great heroes in the present crisis canon law expert Br. Alexis Bugnolo said in the comment section of the Catholic Monitor that he has "been tasked by Bishop [Rene] Gracida to contact one of" the "40 to 70" silent fearful anti-Francis Cardinals who are silent because of their petrifying fear of Francis and his Vatican as reported by Vatican Expert Edward Pentin. Br. Buguolo is asking for lobbying "volunteers [for] a team to do this work": "The intelligence gathered by Fred here is an action item for the whole Church. WE NEED TO IDENTIFY AND CONTACT these 40 to 70 Cardinals and get them to call an imperfect Synod." "I have been tasked by Bishop Gracida to contact one of them, I would appreciate volunteers forming a team to do this work. Blogging is not going to solve the process, we must move to lobbying. I would especially invite experts in this practice who realize that getting the problems solved at the Vatican is the bes

Is Effeminate Francis's Amoris Laetitia the Mother of the Explicit Francis-Homoheresy and the Implicit Francis-Sex-Abuse Heresy?

Texan Guy McClung  of the American Catholic said the effeminate Francis's Amoris Laetitia is the mother of all Francis-heresies including the Francis-homoheresy: "[T]he evil spawn of the Bergolgian heresies... Bergoglianism are based on the core principles of his exhortation, Amoris Laetitia . These include:  1. There is no mortal sin,  i.e. no sin so grievous that when the sinner is unrepentant results in the eternal loss of sanctifying grace; 2. This is true even for those aware of the demands of the divine law; 3. Divine grace does not make all mortal sins avoidable; 4. A situation’s circumstances can dismiss one from the demands of the divine law; 5. Depending on the situation and its circumstances, God sometimes wills a person to sin; and 6. For those God judges and who are then sent to hell, hell is not eternal, the fire is not everlasting; and no one is condemned forever. [see, in addition to the numerous verbatim quotations from public statements of Jorge Bergog