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Does Pope Francis have Paranoia or Dementia?

Pope Francis and his inner circle appear to have symptoms of paranoia. Cardinal Gerhard Mueller in a recent interview revealed that Francis told him: "They tell me you're my enemy." Muller in the interview said the “magic circle” around Francis does “spying on alleged opponents” and tells the Pope who are his friends or enemies. It seems that Francis may be overly attached and surrounded by certain persons with unhealthy thought processes and strange conspiracy ideas. The Vatican Insider usually a solid news source which has access to ranking Vatican insiders close to the Pope on October 19, 2016 wrote a tabloid like paranoid article. It slandered anyone remotely criticizing the questionable prudential actions and non- infallible teachings of Francis. The Insider claimed that those who question Francis are in a global conspiracy with Russian strongman Putin against the Pope. Phil Lawler and his which defends many of Francis's teachin

Silence on Obama's Gay Sexual Misconduct Accusations shows Hypocrisy

Barack Obama friend Jimmy Kimmel is attacking Judge Roy Moore because of sexual misconduct accusations. He is a hypocrite because he did not immediately speak out about Jimmy Weinstein's scandal and never spoke out about Obama's sexual misconduct accusations. Back in in 2012, the national media and Gloria Allred launched a Trump/Judge Moore-like media attack on Herman Cain for one woman accusing him of inappropriate sexual behavior. At exactly the same time, the national media, Kimmel and Allred ignored two male student editors accusation of inappropriate sexual behavior by Obama as reported in the Kansas Citian. It seems that two persons accusing a man of inappropriate sexual behavior is more credible than one person's accusation. This cover-up of Obama's sexual misconduct by Kimmel, Allred and the media is hypocrisy: -"During Barack Obama’s tenure as the president of the Harvard Law Review in the late 1980s, at least two male student editors complai

Evaluation of the Charismatic Movement and Pentecostalism Phenomenon

Evaluation of the Charismatic Movement and Pentecostalism Phenomenon By Father John A. Hardon, S.J. Before entering on the formal presentation, I think it will be useful to first clarity some possible sources of misunderstanding. The immediate focus of this study is Pentecostalism. It is not directly concerned with the persons who call themselves Pentecostals or, as some prefer, Charismatic. Moreover, the purpose here is to make an evaluation. It is not to impart information about Pentecostalism, since such information is fairly presumed, with all the literature by and about the movement and, from many people, either personal experience or direct observation of the movement in action. Finally, though I seldom do this when speaking, in this case it may be useful to give a run-down of “references” about the speaker’s own qualifications in talking on the subject. My professional work is teaching Comparative Religion. A phenomenon like Pentecostalism, I know has for years