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1P5 Skojec & Francis Bishops must Stop Eating because "it's Possible for the [Food] to carry Pathogens"

One Peter Five's publisher Steve Skojec in his alliance with the Francis bishops has a promotional campaign to ban public Masses that is relentless. On March 20, he did a promotional post for this campaign at his blog titled "R4R # 41: Coronavirus w/ Steve Skojec."  In the comment section, Skojec said: "I've had discussions with folks who believe it's not possible for the host to carry pathogens. And there are some bishops who apparently agree: "Bishop Eleganti in Switzerland... " "This is incorrect, theologically, and needs to be addressed." I have news for Skojec who apparently hasn't stopped eating: Every last piece of food that he stuffs into his mouth "possibly" is carrying "pathogens." For the good of humanity and to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, Skojec and the Francis bishops must stop putting on their tongues that dangerous food which is "possibly" carrying "pathogens.&quo

Message to Prison California Warden Newsom: The Prisoners aren't staying in their Cells as you Commanded

This is a report from a inmate of prison California. Since Warden Gavin Newsom ordered a lock down of the Golden State-wide prison, a inmate nonchalantly left his cell (house) not for food and medical needs, but for a carefree drive. He noticed that there were as many prison California inmates driving and walking around as before Governor Newsom, whose new nick name is Governor Nuisance, ordered the lockdown. It appears that most inmates in this state consider Warden Nuisance a minor annoyance which is best ignored. Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Pray an Our Father, also, for President Trump to get the grace to do God's will.

Is St. Joseph's Mission to Save the Church in its Greatest Crisis?

Does St. Joseph have the same mission as Joseph of the Old Testament? In a dream, the Old Testament Joseph was told how to save Egypt and therefore later he could bring the people of God into that country to save them from death by famine. In a dream, St. Joseph was told how to save the people of God which consisted of Jesus and Mary by bringing them to Egypt to save them from being killed by King Herod. What did a disciple of the Apostle John who Jesus made the son of Mary (and Joseph) on the cross say about St. Joseph? The disciple of the Apostle John named St. Ignatius (30-107) wrote: "Unknown to thee [Satan]... the removal into Egypt... the name [Joseph] of the father given to Him [Jesus] who did not beget." (The Ante-Nicene Fathers, Epistle of Ignatius to the Philippians, Chap. VIII. - Continuation Ignorance of Satan, American Reprint of Edinburgh Edition) The early Church Father St. Ignatius called St. Joseph "the father given to Him [Jesus]" by

Is Francis in his Prohibiting of Public Mass becoming the New Emperor Diocletian who "Prohibited Christians from Assembling for Worship"?

In Wikipedia, under the title of Diocletianic Persecution, it is written: "On February 23, 303, Diocletian['s]... edict prohibited Christians from assembling for worship [in Rome]." In the month of March 2020, Francis's edict prohibited Christians from assembling for worship in Rome. Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate of Mary.

Nazi Kapos: Why are Californians calling 911 to Snitch on Coughers & Skojec attacking Catholics Against Banning Mass?

In the Nazi concentration camps there were prisoners called Kapos who supervised and snitched on their follow prisoners. The Kapos were given privileges denied the general camp population unless they didn't follow their Nazi overlords orders against the other prisoners. On March 17, a USA Today headline was "In California: Millions locked down; 911 gets calls about neighbors coughing." It looks like prison California has its own self appointed Kapos snitching for their California overlords. Another self appointed Kapo appears to be One Peter Five publisher Steve Skojec who attacked Francis Bishop censored Bishop Marian Eleganti for protesting against banning Masses and saying God wouldn't allow the consecrated host to be a carrier of the Coronavirus. Skojec said that Bishop Eleganti said "silly things like this [the above]." In Twitter, on March 18, the close collaborator of Skojec, Hilary White, went so far as to say "I'm glad he's

Is the Coronavirus "Statistically... Exceptional" enough to Impose Martial Law?

Today, in Germany there was real debate between pulmonologist specialist Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and the website which is called Mimikana. The website presents Dr. Wodarg's position as the Coronavirus "is not statistically as exceptional as it is presented: Without tests, nobody would notice that SARS-CoV-2 existed at all... In fact, we don't see an increase at this point - in Europe!" Mimikana admits this is apparently true, but says the "real comparison, we have to use are the mortality rates in China" which are apparently approximately 6 times higher than normal according to the chart they presented. (Mimikana, "Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is an internist and pulmonologist, that is, a specialist. However, his statements cause discussion.," March 17, 2020) The website article is an attempt to refute Wodarg's position and ends with the conclusion that: "The claim that the current quarantine measures are nonsensical and exaggerated cannot be

LifeSiteNews' Westen: "Discussions are going on among the Hierarchy" that Francis is a "Heretic or Illegally Elected"

Today, in a Dr. Taylor Marshall YouTube podcast, LifeSiteNews' chief editor John-Henry Westen admitted that "discussions are going on among the hierarchy" that Francis is a "heretic or illegally elected": "[Marshall said] Beneplenists, Benedict is pope, has taken off and we saw Bishop Gracida endorsing this [Catholic Monitor correction: Bishop Rene Gracida has apparently proposed this as one option of three courses of action including the illegal conclave option and the Bellarmine option for an manifest heretic.] And also... Archbishop Lenga has kind of joined on board and there are a lot of voices in Italy of course Antonio Socci... " "... How does John-Henry Westen compute all this?... " "... [Westen answered] "[T]he easiest solution would be to have Pope Francis declared some kind of heretic or illegally elected or whatever. And I know discussions are going on among the hierarchy. But, for lay people we are unable to make

Might the Pachamama Idol Worshipping in front of Francis have caused the Coronavirus?

Where Peter Is, which I call Where Pachamama Is, is saying dunking the Pachamama idols may have caused the Coronavirus. The Bible may have a different take: "So the Lord sent a disease on the people, because they had caused Aaron to make the gold bull-calf." Exodus 32:35 Might the Pachamama idol worshipping in front of Francis with his apparent approval a few months ago have caused the Coronavirus? Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Are Francis Bishops & Francis Traditionalists going to the "Non-Suspended" Movie Theaters?

Might liberal movies made by Hollywood and the movie theaters where they are shown be a kind of place of worship for liberals? The Hollywood Reporter says: "Democrats go to the movies twice as much as Republicans, a new study finds." (The Hollywood Reporter, "Box Office: Democrats go to the Movies more than Republicans," 8/15/19) Isn't it strange that while the media is spreading Coronavirus panic that in the mean time almost all movie theaters in the United States are open with lots of people in enclosed buildings while churches are being closed like in Communist China and Francis approved leftist Italy. It appears that all liberal bishops who naturally have a close alliance to Francis are suspending the sacrifice of the Mass. Are the precursors of the Antichrist bishops (and their allies in the Francis traditionalist camp) going to the "non-suspended" movie theaters now that they have suspended the public Mass? St. Robert Bellarmine sai