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Canon Law and Latin Language Expert: "The only Sane Conclusion is, therefore, that Munus and Ministerium are Distinct Terms with Different Meanings. They cannot Substitute for one Another"

" The only sane conclusion is, therefore, that munus and ministerium are distinct terms with different meanings. They cannot substitute for one another in any sentence in which their proper senses are employed. Munus can substitute for officium, when officium means that which regards a title or dignity or ecclesiastical office." - Br. Alexis Bugnolo Canon law and Latin language expert Br. Alexis Bugnolo says the only correct way to approach the validity or invalidity of Pope Benedict XVI's resignation is an objective reading of what the two words ministerium and munus mean by means of using canon 17's criteria and not a subjective reading of what the two words may possibly have meant in the mind of Benedict: "Canon 17 requires that Canon 332 S2 be read in accord with the meaning of canon 145 S1  and canon 41... requires that ministerium and munus be understood as referring to two different things." (From Rome, "Ganswein, Brandmuller & Burke:

Canon Law Expert on Benedict's Resignation: "[T]he Petrine Succession [is]... like the Last Will and Testament" not "Matrimony... Contractual Law"

One of the great heroes in the present crisis canon law expert Br. Alexis Bugnolo recently stated: "I think, humanly speaking, most canonists only have habitual experience of the canonical proceedures in annulment cases which regard the Sacrament of Matrimony, which falls under the norms of contractual law." "But the Petrine Succession is totally different. It is not a sacrament nor a vow kind of a thing. It's like the last will and testament of your father. If he did not say he gave it to you, you do not get it. Some other sibling gets it. Or his estate keeps it." "Benedict gave away the ministerium, the doing of the office." "But he never on any occasion before during or after Feb 11, 2013 said he gave away the munus petrinum." "That means that the Petrine Succession has not yet occurred. The train left the station with all the Cardinals and hoopla, but Benedict and his papal office are still on the platform." Br. Bug

Why is Francis's Reportedly "Gay Lobby" Private Secretary "leav[ing] his Position"?

Vatican News reported Msgr. Fabian Pedacchio the "Pope's personal secretary to leave his position" with Francis. (Vatican News, "Pope's personal secretary to leave his position," November 25, 2019) said Pedacchio's resignation was accelerated for unknown reasons: "[A]n acceleration in his replacement for reasons which are still unclear." (, "Francis' Private Secretary about to Resign," November 24, 2019) Might his resignation be connected to his reportedly being a member of the Vatican "gay lobby" and issues dealing with that immoral membership? In 2013, at the beginning of Francis's pontificate according to the Monday Vatican blog, known for its insider knowledge of the Vatican, Francis was already reportedly promoting the gay lobby which included Pedacchio: "Ilson de Jesus Montanari... catapulted to the number two position in the Congregation for Bishops... rumored to be a close

Homosexualist Cupich & Martin want "Complete Solidarity with Victims," Solidarity Synonyms: Oneness & Union

Homosexualists and gay activists Cardinal Blase Cupich and Fr. James Martin want "complete solidarity with victims." Today's Tweet by Martin: "@CardinalBCupich: Confronting sex abuse in the church the only real way: through solidarity with victims." Here are some synonyms for solidarity from unification oneness union Since the overwhelming percentage of abuse by priests, bishops and cardinals is homosexual sex abuse it might be a bit inappropriate for these two homosexualists to signal they want unification, oneness and union with victims. Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

"Are you also going to Leave?"

The Catholic Church following the doctrine and example of Jesus Christ teaches the true path to happiness in this life and the next. Catholic historian Roberto de Mattei writes: "[T]he conception of existence, that inseparably links the happiness of man to the glory of God" Catholic doctrine... teaches us... effort, suffering, sacrifice, struggle can give us an interior joy... Outside the cross no real happiness or sweetness is possible." (The Crusader of the 20th Century: Plinio Correa de Oliveira, pages 1-2) Anyone considering leaving the Church founded by Christ please go on your knees and answer this question of Jesus: "Are you also going to leave?" John 6:67 Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

Do Shea & Giunta think the Naked Images could be the Naked Blessed Mother & Francis is "Indefatigably Ignorant" for calling them "Pachamama"?

Renew America writer Eric Giunta who has written for the the Catholic Herald in his blasphemous claim that the naked images that were bowed down to in the Vatican gardens might be images of the Blessed Virgin Mary said: "[I]t is unclear whether this indigenous icon of a [naked] pregnant woman is a [naked] representation of the Mother of Jesus, or... 'life, fertility, [and/or]Mother Earth.'" "... [T]he indefatigably ignorant Pope Francis... referred to the stolen and desecrated images as 'pachamama.'" (Laboravi Sustinens, "No, 'Mother Earth' Is Not 'Pagan,'" no date given) It appears that Mark Shea agrees with the Giunta blasphemous post that claims the naked images could be the naked Blessed Mother since he promoted the above post by him and said: "Giunta is no fan of Pope Francis by any stretch. But he is honest and he recognizes a Right Wing Lie [which "the indefatigably ignorant Pope Francis [

How many Masses by Bishops like Stika are possibly Invalid or is such a Doubt likely Wrong?

- Updated November 29, 2019 On November 25, Bishop Rick Stika on Twitter said: "Mass is Not the worship of Jesus." (, "After the message, the Bishop has gone on lockdown," November 28, 2019) The Council of Trent infallibly taught: "If any one saith, that, in ministers, when they effect, and confer the sacraments, there is not required the intention at least of doing what the Church does; let him be anathema." (, "The Council of Trent, The Seventh Session," Canon XI, 1995) This is what says on the matter: "If the priest [or bishop] actually decides that he does not intend... does not want to effect a consecration in the way that the Church intends, well that would be pretty defective [invalid]!" (, "What Makes a Mass Invalid?") How many Masses by bishops and priests like Stika are possibly invalid? Ironically, Francis apologist Bishop Stika

Does Canon 17 Refute LifeSiteNews' Theologian: "Benedict [must have]... thought: I only want to resign the Ministerium if it is in fact distinct from the Munus"?

LifeSiteNews' anonymous theologian on Pope Benedict XVI's resignation according to the website claims that Benedict's abdication could only be invalid if he thought ministerium and munus were "distinct": "Benedict's abdication would be invalid only if he had in his mind the thought: 'I only want to resign the ministerium if it is distinct from the munus.'" (LifeSiteNews, "Did Benedict really resign? Ganswein, Burke and Brandmuller weight in," February 14, 2019) Canon law expert Br. Alexis Bugnolo appears to says this is not a correct way to legally approach the resignation because canon law requires an objective reading of what the two words mean using canon 17's criteria and not a subjective reading of what the two words may possibly have meant in the mind of Benedict: "Canon 17 requires that Canon 332 S2 be read in accord with the meaning of canon 145 S1  and canon 41... requires that ministerium and munus be unde

NCRegister Armstrong's Blasphemy on Naked Pachamamas: "There is a Strong case to be made that they Represent the [Naked] Blessed Virgin Mary" against the Words of Francis

On October 25, LifeSiteNews reported the words of Francis: "I would like to say a word about the pachamama statues that were removed from the Church of Traspontina." (LifeSiteNews, "Full transcript of the Pope's comments on pagan 'Pachamama' statues," October 25, 2019) The National Catholic Register's contributing writer Dave Armstrong (according to the journalism website is in a dilemma because either he is calling his beloved Francis a liar or he is saying statues which Francis called "the pachamama statues" are not what he called them, but instead "a strong case can be made that the naked images "represent the [naked] Blessed Virgin Mary": "There is a strong case to be made that they [the naked images Francis called "pachamama statues"] represent the [naked] Blessed Virgin Mary." (, "'Pachamama' [?] Statues: Marian Veneration or Blasphemy

Did LifeSiteNews admit that Benedict’s Resignation could have been Invalid & Implicitly admit that an Imperfect Council is Needed?

On February 14, 2019, LifeSiteNews  admitted that it is possible according to their quoted theologian that Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation could have been invalid. The LifeSiteNews  theologian said the "abdication would be invalid only if he had in his mind the thought: 'I only want to resign the  ministerium  if it is in fact distinct from the  munus .'” The "theologian who spoke to LifeSiteNews on condition of anonymity," also, appeared to implicitly say the issue of the validity of the Benedict resignation could be solved by an imperfect council of cardinals or bishops to give a "judgement of the Church" on the matter. The LifeSiteNews theologian said “So even if someone is convinced that Benedict XVI is still Pope, he or she should wait for the judgement of the Church." Here is the essential part of the LifeSiteNews article: "A theologian who spoke to LifeSite on condition of anonymity argued that supporters of this opinion need to

Francis's "Political Impact": "Free Abortion" in Argentina

- Updated December 15, 2019 Today, the pro-gay Vatican expert John Allen claimed that Boris Johnson's stunning victory in the United Kingdom against the Francis globalist elite agenda was not "the right way to assess Francis's political impact... [in which] the Vatican was practicing strategic silence." (Crux, "Why Greta, not Boris, may be the right way to assess Francis's political impact," December 15, 2019) I don't agree with him that the globalist elite staged propaganda act of Greta Thunberg has any political impact, but it appears likely that Francis's maneuvering in Argentina did have a political impact that helped the globalist's abortion agenda It appears Francis by engineering the Peronist victory in his home country brought "free abortion" to Argentina. The Spanish language news site Infobae reported Argentine Bishop Alberto Bochatey said Peronist President Alberto Fernandez's new abortion "protocol&quo

Are the Chile & Ecuador Riots caused by the Francis promoted Climate Change Policies really about Marxist "System Change"?

On September 26, 2019, the Communist website couldn't have stated it more clearly that climate change is only a means to "system change" or revolution: "Marxists join biggest-ever climate strike: for system change, not climate change!" [ ] Journalist James Taylor  explained that the Marxists and leftists are using the very climate change policies promoted by Francis which caused the Chile and Ecuador riots as an excuse for "system change" or revolution through riots their policies caused and the ensuing Marxist propaganda: "Forget the propaganda from leftist apologists blaming the Chile riots on “unequal wealth,” the catalyst for the riots was a rise in Santiago Metro prices made necessary by carbon dioxide taxes and a conversion of the Metro from conventional power to renewable energy. Worse, those programs have no measu