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Spider-man as a Christ Type

Spider-Man as a Christ Type Steve Ditko, the original artist and co-creator of the Spider-Man comic, which is now a record-breaking hit movie series, is the Greta Garbo of comic books. Refusing to give interviews for 20 years, he recently refused interviews for major articles about him by the Los Angeles Times and one of Canada's leading newspapers, the National Post. Ditko, however, explained his philosophy of art in a narrative on a 1987 video titled "The Masters of Comic Book Art," hosted by author Harlan Ellison. In his introduction, Ellison dismissed Ditko's plea that heroes in art and literature be measured by the moral courage shown in objective good vs. evil choices. The artist now seems prophetic for saying in the show that if we glorify the anti-hero in art, then anti-life and violence will come into our culture. The anti-heroes of the Columbine-like killings in public schools and the Sept. 11 terrorists seem to justify his claim. What our American and globa