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De Mattei knows "Popes [can] be Deposed... for... Heresy;" Why is he now Silent about it?

- Updated January 19, 2020 One Five publisher Skojec promoted Bishop Athanasius Schneider's claim that popes cannot be deposed for heresy which "puzzled" renowned historian and scholar Roberto de Mattei. The renowned scholar apparently, also, has a different take on what "universal acceptance" means than Bishop Schneider promoter Skojec. It appears to means to the scholar that a heretical pope who (apparently was lawfully elected) could lose the papacy if he is not "accepted by the universal Church." The 1P5 publisher seems to think "universal acceptance" is a "infallible fact" that a claimant for the papacy is definitely a pope even if his pontifical election was unlawful such as if he violated the conclave constitution of the previous pope for a lawful election. De Matteo said he was "puzzled" by Schneider's claim that "popes cannot be deposed... for... heresy" because the bishop held a posit

Is Bp. Barron in the "Conservative" Wing of the Bernardin/Gregory Gay Mafia?

Updated: July 8, 2019 The May 13, 2018 Catholic Standard reported that that the so-called conservative Bishop Robert Barron's "first spiritual director when he was a seminarian for the [Bernardin] Archdiocese of Chicago" and "friend" was the reportedly homosexual and gay activist Wilton Gregory. The Standard, also, says he was ordained by the reportedly homosexual and gay activist Cardinal Joseph Bernardin. The article shows Barron giddy in praise of the two gay activists: "'Cardinal Bernardin's qualities... have shaped the ministry of Archbishop Gregory'... Barron said that his friend Archbishop Gregory is a excellent choice to lead Archdiocese of Washington. 'I can't think of anyone better'... in the wake of the abuse crisis, he said." (Catholic Standard, "Friends remember how Archbishop Gregory's Chicago years shaped his ministry," May 13, 2019) Barron, however, doesn't disclose in his praise of Gr

Did Francis joining Communist Cuba & China in refusing to Recognize Guaido lead to the US-Russian Military Showdown?

The Jesuit Post reported that Pope Francis's Vatican joined Communist Cuba and China in refusing to recognize the "internationally-recognized interim president" of Venezuela Juan Guaido: Guaido['s]... team was in Italy on February 11 seeking... for recognition, they also met with representatives of the Vatican." (The Jesuit Post, "Will Pope Francis Save Venezuela," February 25, 2019) Pope Francis's Vatican refused to recognize Guaido. If Francis's Vatican had recognized Guaido it is possible that the Venezuelan military backing may have crumbled for the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro. Instead Francis in joining Communist Cuba and China in not recognizing Guaido may have allowed Maduro a lifeline to stay power. Francis's solidarity with the Communist regimes supporting Maduro, in part, may have given Russia, who is allied with the Marxist Cuba, the political leeway to send military troops to Venezuela. Is Francis

Bp. Schneider is a Good Man, but Compared to St. Athanasius he is a "Cowardly Rabbit"

In 2016, Bishop Athanasius Schneider called "semi-heretical" Church leaders "cowardly rabbits." (LifeSiteNews, "'Cowardly Rabbits' Bishop Schneider's candid remarks on 'semi-heretical' Church leaders," February 1, 2016) Now, he appears to be the "cowardly rabbit" as compared to St. Athanasius when he says the "attempt to depose a heretical pope... is... [a] human solution." Does he, also, think the attempt to depose semi-heretical Church leaders is a human solution? So-called good bishops like Schneider since Vatican II have been telling us we can't depose semi-heretical and heretical as well as homosexual bishops who cover-up for sex abuse predators because it would cause a "schism." Now, Schneider says we can't depose a heretical pope who covered-up for sex abuse predators because it will cause a "schism." It appears that Schneider, although a good man, compared to St. Athana