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Flashback: High-profile Lawyer Barnes: [Vax Mandate] Amy Coney Barrett would be a Disaster

Remember all the "conservative" advocates who preached how wonderful Barrett would be? When a few of us warned about her, we were shouted down. Now notice how all those conservatives have gone silent this week as Barrett rescued the vax mandate? LIVE at 7 - Robert Barnes in 2021 []   September 22, 2020 High-profile trial lawyer Robert Barnes who deals in civil, criminal and constitutional law reported on Twitter that Amy Coney Barrett would be a disaster. The Barnes Twitter report shows that Coney Barrett has " sid[ed] with the government on the lockdowns, on uncompensated takings, on excusing First Amendment infringements & Fourth Amendment violations... [and] exclaimed the benefits of Jacobson, the decision that green-lit forced vaccines & carved out an emergency exception to Constitutional protection in "public health" or "emergency" cases used to justify forced ster