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Is Mel Gibson an Anti-Semite? Is Mel Gibson an Anti-Semite? August 23, 2006 Enough time has passed since Mel Gibson’s arrest for driving while intoxicated to ask this question in a dispassionate and reasoned manner: Is Mel Gibson an anti-Semite? My answer? I have no idea. But neither do the people who have been making that charge on the basis of the things Gibson said when he was arrested a few weeks back. I am not saying those things were excusable. That would be ridiculous. They were spiteful words, meant to wound the Jewish policeman who arrested him. They were stupid too. But there is no reason to assume that they offer a window to Gibson’s soul. Gibson has a drinking problem; he admits that, and the rumor is that he has entered a rehabilitation program. But that is not what is at issue. If he had been filmed dancing around a night club with a lampshade on is head singing Cole Porter songs, the story would be important, but minor in comparison to the current brouhaha.

Kathleen Willey Prays for Forgiveness for Bill and Hillary Clinton

Interview with Kathleen Willey about her new book as well as Hillary and Bill Clinton By Fred Martinez Question: There is overwhelming evidence that you and others bring out about the sexual abuse and sexual misuse of yourself, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Dolly Kaye Browning, Elizabeth Gracen, Monica Lewisnsky and others. Why are some liberal bloggers still claiming Bill Clinton is not a sexual predator? Willey: Because it suits their agenda. Because of Clinton's stance on abortion, feminists have decided to make the best of it, meaning that Clinton's predatory behavior toward individual women just doesn't matter because other issues override it. Patricia Ireland, the former president of NOW, was quoted as saying, “ All of us knew he was a snake when we voted for him. Betty Friedan, considered the founder of modern feminism, said at some point, Who is Juanita Broaddrick? I've never heard of her I sincerely doubt that, but I sure don't doubt th