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"At the End of My Life What Would I Want to Give God"

November 05, 2006 "At the End of My Life What Would I Want to Give God" Father John Joseph Halloran is a retired priest living in Santa Clara. He presently helps at parishes as well as visiting the sick and dying in the Bay Area. Q. What made you decide to become a priest? A. It started with thinking about it in high school because of the gratitude I had to God for my family and faith. The thoughts came that we have a certain number of years to live and at the end of my life what would I want to give God. I often thought of careers in engineering and other fields. But in the end of my life -- not in a morbid way -- what would be the most satisfying life. It came to me that the most satisfying life would be the service of God as a priest. After consulting priests, I decided to enter the seminary after high school. Entering the Mater Dolorosa Seminary in Hillsdale, Illinois in 1940, I was ordained in Chicago in 1948. Most of my priesthood has been as dioce

Holy Saturday: Francis the Balthasarian & Balthasar's Heresies on the Incarnation & Hell

Balthasar makes the shocking statement that the Incarnation is "suspended" while Jesus is in the tomb : "Holy Saturday is thus a kind of suspension, as it were, of the Incarnation , whose result is given back to the hands of the Father and which the Father will renew and definitively confirm by the Easter Resurrection" ("The Descent into Hell", Spirit and Institution, Explorations in Theology, vol. IV, pp 411-412) - Unam Sanctam Catholicam website In 2018, Francis owed the Church and the whole world a public denial of the heretical words attributed to him by Eugenio Scalfari, a 93-year-old atheist and abortion advocate, that made worldwide headlines.   The Vatican's statement that Scalfari's article is not “faithful” to Francis's exact words is not enough to redress the damage that the Francis has done by allowing this to happen for the second time. In 2018, Vox reported the denial of Hell is mostly a liberal Protestant and Hans Urs