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“When I’m in Heaven. I Promise to Perform a Happy Mexican Hat Dance to Cheer up any Long Faced Saints I find in Heaven”

Act 3, Scene 5 Standing by the casket of Miguel is dad, Don Miguel. At the front of the casket crying is Miguel sister Conception knelling and crying. Behind her is a quiet crowd. Don Miguel- I’m surprised at you Conception. Is this how you behave in the presence of saints? (Miguel’s sister Conception stands and stops crying.) Don Miguel- Remember what my son said: “If I’m ever caught, be prepared to ask me for things when I’m in heaven. I promise to perform a happy Mexican hat dance to cheer up any long faced saints I find in heaven.” Let us give praise to God as my son dances in heaven. (At these words a band starts playing Mexican hat dance music. Miguel’s sister rubs her face and smiles. The crowd starts shouting Viva Cristo Rey! Viva Cristo Rey! Viva Cristo Rey!) - A Saint Dancing in Heaven Below is my first draft of a play that my friend Cathal (Cal) Gallagher , who is a real playwright, made into a great play. Cathal's work as a playwright is his way to evangelize