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Might VP Pence be a Judas?

Might Vice President Mike Pence have betrayed President Donald Trump and the country like Judas betrayed Jesus? Judas handed Jesus over to His enemies to kill him. Did Pence hand President Trump over to Dr. Anthony Fauci and his collaborators such as Dr. Anne Schuchat who were demonstrably wrong in their 2016 predictions on the so-called Zika virus crisis? Remember Trump entrusted Pence to put together the White House Coronavirus Task Force which for all intents and purposes is a mouthpiece for former Obama administration Zika hoax collaborator pro-abortion Fauci. It seems that it is Pence who apparently was trusted by Trump who handed the president over to Fauci's coronavirus predictions when it is a known fact that his exaggerated Zika virus predictions were wrong. With Fauci's track record in making wrong exaggerated predictions on the so-called Zika crisis, why must we place blind faith in him now when as Rush Limbaugh says he IS "NOT providing the underlyin

Could, Trump Puppet Master, Pro-abortion Fauci's COVID-19 Predictions be Wrong like his Zika Predictions?

As the prophet Yogi Berra said "It's like deja vu over again!" In 2016, in The Atlantic there was a Reuters photo of the present constant scene of Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Anne Schuchat standing behind the official "The White House" podium making predictions with a virus map behind them. (The Atlantic, "The Obama Administration's Zika Offensive," April, 12, 2016) Is President Donald Trump's puppet master during the coronavirus crisis: Dr. Fauci? It is obvious that during the coronavirus crisis Trump, like an actor, is taking his cues from Fauci who he affectionately calls "Tony." It appears that the fate of the United States is no longer in the hands of the president, but on this man's predictions who appears to be the Trump puppet master during this crisis. Fauci's prediction on the "possible" death toll due to the coronavirus in a few weeks changed from almost 2 million (1.7 million) to around 200,000.

Are Francis & Tagle Imposing "Habits" pleasing to "the God of this World"?

Does Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, who many think will replace Francis and be Francis II, think the "habits" that Francis and his bishops have imposed on Rome and the world are "good" of not going to Mass as well as not using the sacraments? Half-Chinese Tagle, who lives in Rome, apparently claimed that the Chinese coronavirus and its effect of Francis banning public Mass and the sacraments in Rome "has made us behave more responsibly towards ourselves, family, community and creation [and no mention of responsibility to God]. I hope when the virus is gone, our good habits would continue." (Catholic News  Services, "Cardinal Tagle, in new position, looks for lessons in lockdown," April 1, 2020) Appallingly and horribly, the habits that Francis and all the Francis cardinals and bishops have imposed on the millions of Catholics are called vices. They have got almost all the millions of Catholics in the world into the bad habits or vices of no

Lockdown needed for Unborn Babies: Abortion is bigger Killer at 862,000 than the Worst Case C-virus Scenarios of 240,000

What is needed is a lockdown to end the bigger killer than coronavirus which is abortion. Yesterday, LifeSiteNews reported: "In 2017, 862,000 Americans died by abortion. Abortion gives US children in the womb a 18% fatality rate. As of this writing, there have been only 4,600 coronavirus deaths in the U.S., with a fatality rate expected to be just over 1 percent." (LifeSiteNews, "Bishops betray Catholics in allowing sacraments to be deemed 'non-essential in COVID-19 battle," April 1, 2020) Dr. Anthony Faucis is apparently saying that the worst case scenario predictions for the coronavirus death toll might be "100,000 to 240,000." (New York Times, "Coronavirus may Kill 100,000 to 240,000 in U.S. despite Actions, Officials say," March 31, 2020) Faucis' worst case scenario of coronavirus death prediction of 100,000 to 240,000" is comparable to the real factual 80,000 flu deaths of 2017 (Stats News, 2018), but not as

Taylor Marshall: "If... Vigano is Right... Francis has Lost the Papacy"

Dr. Taylor Marshall on his YouTube show explained why after Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano said that the Francis Abu Dhabi statement is "blatant heresy" that it is possible "Francis has lost the papacy": "[Vigano said] this [the Abu Dhabi statement] is a blatant heresy... Let's pause there. This gets into St. Robert Bellarmine where he says a manifest heretic immediately and de facto loses the papacy. So, if Bellarmine is right and Vigano is right that means that Francis has lost the papacy... then Bellarmine would also say there is a general council that then declares the deposition that the pope has fallen for manifest heresy." (Dr. Taylor Marshall YouTube Show, "Archbishop Vigano calls on Pope and Bishops to Repent Amidst Corona Crisis," April 1, 2020, 16:16-16:58) However, theologian Cardinal Raymond Burke disagreed with the YouTube podcaster Marshall's claim that a "general council" is needed when the Catholic World Re

Might the Coronavirus Panic be a Worldwide Demonic Obsession?

Has the coronavirus caused a hysterical panic that seems like a worldwide demonic obsession? Whether you think the virus is worst than the Black Plague or hype or both there is no doubt that it has caused worldwide panic. If you are in panic, what can you do so you don't allow it to play with your thoughts as if you were demonically obsessed. The first thing is to slow down, no matter what you think about the virus, and if you had a holy Catholic father and mother remember their advise when you were a child. If you didn't have these holy parents then imagine a holy person giving you this advise: - Don't fall out of the state of grace by committing a mortal sin. - If you fall out of the state of grace by a mortal sin immediately go to confession even if you have to leave your state or country. - Pray the rosary everyday. - Wash you hands. - Avoid crowds. - If everyone around you is acting hysterical slow everything down and get away from them then put your

Is 1P5 Skojec a Fan of Pro-Abort Eugenicist Michael Savage & his Outrageous Claim: 65M Coronavirus Deaths?

Pro-abortion eugenicist radio host Michael Savage, in his January 24 podcast, outrageously claimed that "65 million [will be] wiped out," that is killed, by the coronavirus. (The Savage Nation Podcast, Stitcher com, "Episode info: Deadly coronavirus outbreak quickly spreading; Savage was ahead of his  with Disease Without Borders; other outbreaks on history," Savage quote: 10:45) Even Dr. Anthony Faucis' early inflated predictions of the worst-case scenario of 1.7 million coronavirus deaths two weeks ago were yesterday downgraded to the worst-case scenario of 100,000 to 200,000  "possible" deaths. It is obvious that the radio host's claim is ridiculously outrageous as are his savage attacks on the pro-life radio host Rush Limbaugh who sadly is diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Savage disgustingly and sordidly attacked the pro-life host for questioning absurd outrageous worst-case scenario claims made by Savage and others. He apparently h

Fauci's Spiraling Predictions: First it was Up to 1.7 M Virus Deaths now Down to Up to 200,000 Deaths, But in 2017: 80,000 Deaths from Flu

On March 15, Dr. Anthony Fauci's model for forecasting possible deaths said according to the NewsMax headline: "Dr. Fauci: Worst-Case Scenario Up to 1.7 M [Million] Deaths from Coronavirus 'Possible.'" Today, two weeks later, Faucis' new downward spiraling model prediction according to the Axios headline is:  "Fauci says 100,000 to 200,000 could die from coronavirus." The doctor's downward spiraling predictions in two weeks went down approximately over 80% from up to 1,700,000 to up to 200,000 which if the same current trajectory wave is consistent would mean in two more weeks the "possible" death toll would go down from up to 200,000 to approximately up to 40,000." The Catholic Monitor model of Faucis' predictions on the downward spiral of the doctor's forecasts is more conservative on the coronavirus "possible" death toll than the above and predicts that in two weeks the forecast can forewarn that acc