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Is 1P5 Skojec a Fan of Pro-Abort Eugenicist Michael Savage & his Outrageous Claim: 65M Coronavirus Deaths?

Pro-abortion eugenicist radio host Michael Savage, in his January 24 podcast, outrageously claimed that "65 million [will be] wiped out," that is killed, by the coronavirus.
(The Savage Nation Podcast, Stitcher com, "Episode info: Deadly coronavirus outbreak quickly spreading; Savage was ahead of his  with Disease Without Borders; other outbreaks on history," Savage quote: 10:45)

Even Dr. Anthony Faucis' early inflated predictions of the worst-case scenario of 1.7 million coronavirus deaths two weeks ago were yesterday downgraded to the worst-case scenario of 100,000 to 200,000  "possible" deaths.

It is obvious that the radio host's claim is ridiculously outrageous as are his savage attacks on the pro-life radio host Rush Limbaugh who sadly is diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

Savage disgustingly and sordidly attacked the pro-life host for questioning absurd outrageous worst-case scenario claims made by Savage and others. He apparently has no decency.

Moreover, the pro-abortion Savage has no decency when he speaks nonchalantly of the killing of unborn children:

"Banning abortion could have unintended, disastrous consequences... abortifacients have been used since ancient times... many tribes had used plants to end pregnancies that were unwanted."
(MichaelSavage.Com, "Savage: No Easy Choice in Abortion Debate")

Also, according to Andrew Walker, Savage is a eugenicist:

"Savage's new book 'Trickle Up Poverty' calls for forced implantation of birth control devices for all recipients of welfare... [to] prevent these individuals from 'breeding'..."

"... Such policies... [are] demonstrably pro-Tyranny as is evidenced by China's 'one-child only policy'..."

"... The American Right need not only be embarrassed by the likes of Savage, but would be well-suited to blacklist such agendas."
(Mere Orthodoxy, "A lesson in Discernment: Michael Savage and Mandated Birth Control," October 9, 2010)

It appears that the pro-abortion eugenicist Savage is not blacklisted by a certain Francis traditionalist Steve Skojec, the publisher of One Peter Five. In Twitter, on September 28, 2016, Skojec wrote unhappily of the pro-abortion eugenicist being "Pulled Off the Air":

"Um, what? | Michael Savage Pulled Off the Air after Discussing Hilary's Health."

Skojec is, also, on Twitter seemingly pushing the Savage narrative against persons who agreed with pro-life Rush Limbaugh that the pro-abortion eugenicist globalists' worst-case scenarios are outrageously ridiculous.

Is the Francis traditionalist Skojec a fan of the pro-abortion eugenicist Savage and his outrageous narrative that there could be 65 million deaths due to the coronavirus?

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Also, pray an Our Father now for God to give President Trump the grace to do His will in this present crisis.


Laramie Hirsch said…
I never knew Michael Savage was pro-abortion. I really enjoyed listening to his show in the early aughts. He was fiery and more engaging than Limbaugh back in the day. Yes, he was Jewish. But his perspective was unique. Those were the days before the wide podcast availability we have now.

I despise the fact that my local radio station took him off the air and replaced him with Ben Shapiro. Savage was much more of a red-pilled host, but the station traded him for a more purple-pilled Jew.

America first. Not Israel.
Fred Martinez said…
Sadly, it appears because he has a silver tongue that Catholics were and are willing to ignore his anti-Catholicism and his eugenicist statements which he has always displayed.

I thought some time back that his anti-homosexual stance (Hitler, also, had such a public stance while his inner circle was gay as author Scott Lively has documented) justified listening to him, but when I actually heard him spouting out eugenicist rhetoric on the radio and was shown his anti-Catholicism I wrote some years back that he was a anti-Catholic.

It is sad that some Catholics prefer the pro-abortion eugenicist Jewish Savage to the pro-life Jewish Ben Shapiro. It is true Shapiro should be evangelized as Bishop Robert Barron had an opportunity to do. The Jewish St. Paul did so and all real Catholics must do so, that is call to conversion to the Catholic faith (unlike semi-Modernist Bishop Barron) all non-Catholics. Sadly, someone I once respected E. Michael Jones has apparently bought into a type of antisemitism and seems to ignore in his pro-Moslem stance that Islam forces conversions which no Catholic who is not a heretic can justify.

Sadly, it appears that some Catholics even now are attempting to ignore his pro-abortion stance when it is clearly shown and say they prefer the pro-abortion Jew to the pro-life Jew. If what seems to be apparent is wrong, I apologise. I hope I am wrong about you Mr. Hirsch because I respect your work.

But, getting back to Skojec and his collaborators:

Do you accept Savage's ridiculously outrageous claim that 65 million will be killed by the coronavirus?

Alexis Bugnolo said…
So Savage has a position on birth control just like China. And Steve is a fan of Savage. And Steve has a Chinese wife. Hmm.
Debbie said…
I've seen Steve on social media defend the extended (indifinate?) use of NFP after an arbitrary number of 5 or 6 kids. Actually, not so arbitrary as he and his wife have 5, plus her daughter.
Laramie Hirsch said…
"when I actually heard him spouting out eugenicist rhetoric on the radio and was shown his anti-Catholicism I wrote some years back that he was a anti-Catholic"

I had no idea about this, either. This is startling. The days when I listened to him most were shortly before and after my conversion into Catholicism. If he had said anti-Catholic statements in the past, I must have overlooked them, not heard them, or forgot about them. I was a different person then---a new Catholic. But this thing you are telling me now, in combination to a pro-abortionist stance, are kind of alarming to me. I'm not beyond error.
I've been wrong before. But I'm not beyond correction. I think that if I ever hear Savage again, I'll listen with keener ears to search out this malign spirit of his. I'll also take a look at your blog archives to see the article you're referring to.

(You know, another radio talk-show host I listened to a long time ago was Neal Boortz. I suppose I enjoyed his libertarian point of view, and his Fair Tax stance. But then I heard of his very pro-abortion stance, and I was turned off from the guy. I've also shed that libertarian mindset of my youth.)

But, getting back to Skojec and his collaborators: Do you accept Savage's ridiculously outrageous claim that 65 million will be killed by the coronavirus?

The only way I can imagine 65 million people dying from this virus is if it got into some sort of population that was absolutely horrible with medical care and isolation precautions. I know that some speculate that one reason that there's an enormous drop in Chinese phone accounts (millions of accounts) is because of an enormous amount of unreported deaths, but I'm uncertain how much of that is believable. To be sure, this disease is real. I'm in the medical field, and I deal with it. The numbers are only increasing. But 65 million deaths is as ridiculous as the idea of dinosaurs living 65 million years ago.

One thing I've been wondering is what this virus is going to do to the homeless populations and tent towns of the West Coast. I can't imagine that going over well. For for the most part, it appears quite clear to me (and others) that this whole black swan event is being utilized as a power grab. Just like 9/11 was.

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