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Might VP Pence be a Judas?

Might Vice President Mike Pence have betrayed President Donald Trump and the country like Judas betrayed Jesus?

Judas handed Jesus over to His enemies to kill him.

Did Pence hand President Trump over to Dr. Anthony Fauci and his collaborators such as Dr. Anne Schuchat who were demonstrably wrong in their 2016 predictions on the so-called Zika virus crisis?

Remember Trump entrusted Pence to put together the White House Coronavirus Task Force which for all intents and purposes is a mouthpiece for former Obama administration Zika hoax collaborator pro-abortion Fauci.

It seems that it is Pence who apparently was trusted by Trump who handed the president over to Fauci's coronavirus predictions when it is a known fact that his exaggerated Zika virus predictions were wrong.

With Fauci's track record in making wrong exaggerated predictions on the so-called Zika crisis, why must we place blind faith in him now when as Rush Limbaugh says he IS "NOT providing the underlying data so others can assess its reliability.... Some of President Trump's top adviser have expressed doubts about the estimate [of Fauci's predicted death tolls]"?
(Rush Limbaugh Show, "Modelers Cast Doubt on Death Toll Projections they gave Trump!," April 3, 2020)

Moreover, attorney and World Net Daily (WND) contributor Scott Lively said that Pence who says he is a Christian betrayed Christians when he was the Indiana governor:

"This brings me to Vice President Pence, and a worry I've had about him from the beginning. It was five years ago next month that Indiana Governor Mike Pence caved to the "gays"... [to] preserve free speech rights for Christians... I've never really trusted him on LGBT issues since."
(Scott Lively Ministries, "President Trump's Most Dangerous Error," February 25, 2020)

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Also, pray an Our Father now for God to give President Trump the grace to do His will in this present crisis.


BrotherBeowulf said…
First Fatima Saturday
Vigil of Palm Sunday

Why would another Pence betrayal be surprising. He already apostasized from the one true Faith. Poor man. Remember however while we are all praying for the President and his conversion, and are trusting him to do the right thjng and open up the country when the 'expert' prediction of death peaks "in two weeks," Scripture is clear: put not your faith in princes.

I can assure you all that President Trump was handed a prayer card back in November of Padre Pio on the one side, and the Sacred Heart on the other.

Thank the good Lord I got me and my family to the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass today.

Aqua--you will be pleased, I suspect, to know the Mass was SSPX. Only ones who give a damn for the flock. My first two Masses with them--today and yesterday. And tomorrow God willing.

They had the intelligence, will, and courage to improvise and implement a plan; and get it approved by State health department and local police dep't.

Another great plus is none of their bishops are poofs.

And of course we all owe them a great debt fot keeping the Tridentine Mass alive from Vatican II until the cavalry arrived in Pope Benedict and Summorum Pontificum in 2007.
Oh, and I believe in Fatima, Akita, Good Success, and St Ann Catherine Emmerich. Just doesn't compute for Novus Ordo folk, as Aethelfrith points out over at

"Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, thou alone hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world!"
Sophie said…
Yes, he did. Here'a amazing Polly who confirms it.
Debbie said…
"Only ones who give a damn for the flock".....not so. I've been to Mass, Adoration (7-7 daily), Benediction and Vespers every day since the shut down at my ICKSP parish. Confessions available at all hours, with signs on all the Church doors to ring bell of rectory for confessions. Low Masses which are never streamed are "private" but we attend. We also attend the High Masses which are live streamed.
BrotherBeowulf said…
First & foremost I meant the hierarchy.

In these parts (the NE) the fem bishops and fag bishops have even dared ban confession.

Funerals. Don't die.

Like Bergoglio they ceded the field; abandoned the flock; and closed Masses and churches before the civil authorities. Ever hear of the First Amendment? Lateran TreatY?

Well you can give away rights and waive them and that's exactly what Bergoglio and his sadomite coven here in the U. S. did.

There's a total blackout of Masses in the NY metro tri State area. Dolan the Fat even closed the Catholic cemeteries.

Are there individual good priests.... Of course. It's a scandal the bishops left them and us high and dry. I'm not SSPX. ICKSP is closed for business in these parts. FSSP too -- gone 'live streaming' which doesn't count.

Some N Y priests were doing the open 'private' thing but Dolan cut them off.
Glad you can find Mass.
Aqua said…
President Trump is playing 3D chess across the board from Kindergartners. I don’t believe for a second he is even capable of being played by anyone, especially his VP. Betrayed, sure, that happens to him all the time. Played (the fool) no.

I don’t understand what Trump is doing, right now, though I am slowly forming a (hopeful) picture of where this is going, and why. He knows all the players. Has known them for years, quite well. None of them are surprises. I’m sure he’s well acquainted with Mr. Bill Event201 Gates. I am getting more optimistic, seeing how this “Covid19 war” might be in service to a higher purpose (speculation).

Trump is a story teller. He creates narratives like WWE matches - hero and villain, hero down but not out, comeback, villain on the ropes, foot stomp, pin. Similar logic guided his Apprentice show. It seems his whole Presidency has been one WWE fight / reality show episode after another, and Trump wins them all; the other side keep sliding down, notch after notch.

We’ll see.
Fred Martinez said…

Please share your speculation of what that higher purposes might be.

Debbie said…
I'm so sorry....guess I assumed ICK parishes were all the same as mine. Open, but not really. But I've also heard the SSPX have caved too. Maybe only some of them?
Debbie said…
Try again to didn't show up. I'm so sorry...I thought ICK were all the same as mine. Open, though technically closed. I thought I read that the SSPX had caved. Maybe only some of them?
BrotherBeowulf said…
Yes, some SSPX but not all. Six Masses tomorrow at one not so far.

The Institute in my diocese (Newark, though I have one foot in New York) is mis-led by Soap-Star Harboring Tobin the Gay, which even banned its priests from hearing Confession. I can't imagine any good priest actually following these outrageous overreaching orders, but most are.

Happy Palm Sunday. Viva Cristo Rey!
Aqua said…
Well, you asked for it ..... :)

*He has to win in November*. It starts with that. If he loses, I see this clearly now, he will be led out in cuffs and “we” will be microchipped into the Leftist 5G tracking network. Leftist slave drones. After the last four traumatic years, these communists and their bureaucratic state and big-media allies will never relinquish power once they reacquire it. They will lie, steal and cheat - whatever it takes to gain power. If they do, we’re cooked. Trump has to win. And I think he knows this far more than me or any other patriot in America. He knows these people well, has known many of them over his lifetime, and from the inside he knows what they are capable of. He has to win. Everything he does now is about controlling the narrative so that he not only wins he wins in a cheater-proof landslide in which he even wins “PopularVote” Electoral College votes.

And so, this Covid19. I believe he had to acknowledge the “science” and protect life, more than he may have been inclined, because failing that, *ANY* loss of life would have been blamed on him. If he did (*as I would have done*) nothing - then when the infection curve goes up and deaths mount, the scientists (Fauci and Birx) would have been on CNN and MSNBC, and called before Congressional committees testifying that every death was preventable (!!! scandal, fury etc), but Trump only cares about money and his empire and not “science”. They would have nailed him for nine straight months. He would have been swept away by false media narratives of his ignorance and callous disregard for life of average American citizens.

Democrat 2020 messaging would be: “10,000 deaths (less deaths than influenza, but still ...) on Trump’s bloody hands for the sake of an economy that no one cares about because Trump is a “mass murderer“. That would be tough messaging to beat against professional cheaters.

But ... they don’t have that narrative any more. He has been a George Washington figure for competence and stability who cares about us more than politics and mo eh and is doing unprecedented things at great personal cat and risk for average citizens’ safety and lives. He “fought a war” and darned if he is winning it. Great message to bring into November.

The economy. That’s his deal. His signature. He killed it, for the sake of American lives, he killed the economy. He has to get it back. “The cure cannot be worse than the disease” - is how Trump puts it. Everything depends on restarting the economy and getting it back by summer. If he does that - stronger than before he says - then he has hit a home run. Killed it *and* brought it back on his broad shoulders.

Saved lives from Covid19 when Ds were trying to impeach him and resisting all his lifesaving attempts.

Brought back the economy and our way of life.

Trump 2020 messaging will be: Won the Covid19 war. Won the Great Depression war. Keep America Great! Keep America safe and prosperous!

Those would be winning messages in the 2020 election even professional cheaters could not overcome.

That’s my current theory. I think he’s got this. I like to think about what he does from the perspective of a WWE wrestling “match”. It is a similar drama to that which is seen in good movies and read about in good stories (like Lepanto). Good hero against evil villain. Odds are in the villain’s favor. Villain cheats. Hero plays fair. Villain sucker punches. Hero goes down. Hero gets up. Hero struggles to survive. Hero gets a good lick in. Hero presses his advantage, throws villain over the ropes, pin, set, match. That’s Trump’s game (America’s) in my view.
BrotherBeowulf said…
The President knows what the deep state and Left are trying to do to him.

It’s a global concerted effort to harm our country and our President. He's got to ride the tsunami.

The American Catholic may be right that Trump is biding his time past the 'expert' two-week peak which he knows as well as we that that's a moving target or goal post.

Trump has to have the team to crunch the raw data numbers so as not to get rolled by Fauci, and Gates behind him.
May 1, all bets are off.
Fred Martinez said…
Thanks Aqua,

I pretty much agree with your take. We must keep the Church and him in our prayers.

Lately, I have been praying to St. Athanasius more because he was a writer who defeated the Arian Roman army and the worldwide propaganda polical/media machine of his time with ink, prayer and pure heroic courage by the grace of God. The odds makers would have said he didn't have a chance.

I always love to remember what St. Theresa of Avilia said in her war for prayer armies:

"Thesesa and a penny is nothing. Thesesa, a penny and God is everything."

And she won against the odds as did Athanasius. Your right we are in those same types of true heroic historical stories. May we pray in humility that we are honored to by God's grace to join Thesesa and Athanasius in victory in this life and the next.

Aqua's explanation is the best I have seen online.

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