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Pope Francis, Child Porn, Gay Scandals & the Vatican Approved Porn Sexual Predator-Like Program

-Updated November 24, 2017- This week the National Catholic Reporter reported that Pope Francis created a new department for Cardinal Pietro Parolin's Secretariat of State. The Vatican expert John Allen at Crux said of Parolin "that there's no single figure in Pope Francis's Vatican today more trusted, or more powerful." (Crux, "More and more Parolin's face of authority in Francis's Vatican," August 10, 2017) The Reporter in the article didn't reveal that one of Parolin's top diplomats is "sought in Canada for child porn charges" according to CTN News. (CTN, "Vatican diplomat sought in Canada on child porn charges," September 29) CTN's article said that Monsignor Carlo Capella is accused of "accessing, possessing and distributing child pornography" in Winsdor, Canada. "Capella's boss" is Parolin who is head of the Secretariat of State. The monsignor was "a high-ranking prie