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"First they came for the Traddies, and I did not speak up, because I was not a Traddy. Then they came for Opus Dei...": Is the Francis "Revolution Devouring their Own Children" starting with Opus Dei?

Why Revolutions devour their own ... [] Did the Secretive Pro-Francis & Pro-Amoris Laetitia Opus Dei ... Did EWTN's Catholic News Agency (& possibly Opus Dei) just admit ...  ....Another Motu Proprio: Francis Downgrades Opus Dei ....Francis weakens the Opus Dei “personal prelature”   Guillotined In The French Revolution ... Revolutions Devour Their Own Children: The French Revolution is an example of revolutions killing their members who began it in the first place. The reign of terror began with the execution of the nobility and the King. Not only the king and his nobles were killed but thousand of suspects against the revolution. Years of harsh rule by the monarchy finally ended with the execution of the King and the establishment of France as a republic. In the new republic the Church’s authority was completely stripped from them and was to have nothing to do with the countries