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Vatican Insider Dr. Robert Moynihan Calls Pope Benedict XVI to Intervene on Synod

Dr. Robert Moynihan stated:   In the midst of the apparent confusion of the present Bishops' Synod on the Family...would it not perhaps be prudent to ask Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI , who is still living in the Vatican Gardens, hidden from the world, and dedicated to daily prayer for the Church and for all souls in the world, at the end of those 24 hours, to offer his own words of guidance. Letter #44, 2015: Benedict in Prayer Dr. Robert Moynihan to you show details show image slideshow   October 15, 2015, Thursday — Benedict in Prayer   “ The Church has always been flawed and divided. Sinner and saints and surviving amongst them. Even Jesus knew it wouldn't be easy. It was never easy, even during His time. And having Pope Benedict spend his days praying for the Church consoles me. Everyday .” —email last night from a friend “Halten Sie sich unbedingt an die Lehre !” ("Remain absolutely firm on doctrine!") —Words attributed