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Why does Francis's Top Official Cdl. Parolin "Willful[ly] Lie" as disclosed by Cdl. Zen?

Cardinal Joseph Zen told Breitbart news that Pope Francis's Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin is a "willful" liar who is selling out the Chinese Church. Parolin's "lack of respect for truth. Intelligent as he is, the sophistry and half-truths can only be willful lies," Zen said: "To us, a terrifying scenario is unfolding, the sellout of our Church!" (Breitbart, "Exclusive: Cardinal Zen Says China's Catholics Are Witnessing 'The Sellout Of Our Church,'" January 25, 2019) It appears that many of Francis's closest collaborators are liars such as ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Parolin and the disgraced Cardinal Donald Wuerl who apparently is a "shameless liar" as he was called by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. Why are so many of Francis's inner circle liars? One of Francis's closest friends Archbishop Manuel Fernandez, known as the Kissing Bishop for a book he authored on that subject, m

Why Caesar Chavez wore a MAGA Hat & "Conservatives" like "Francis Catholic" George attack the Covington Kids and Trump while Supporting Gay Activists

Robert P. George with Pope Francis appointed Vatican consultant gay activist Fr. James Martin. The Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat symbolizes fighting for American workers and against unlimited and illegal immigration. Caesar Chavez wore a MAGA hat in the sense that he was fought for what it symbolizes. Chavez fought for American workers and against unlimited and illegal immigration as Tucker Carson explains: "Cesar Chavez hated illegal immigration." "He was Hispanic, obviously, and definitely on the left, but he fought to keep illegal Mexican immigrants out of this country. He understood that peasants from Latin America will always work for less than Americans will. That’s why employers prefer them. Chavez knew that. 'As long as we have a poor country bordering California,” he once explained, 'it’s going to be very difficult to win strikes.'" "In 1969, Chavez led a march down the center of California to protest the hirin

Is Francis saying the Argentinian President & Legislator are "Crazy" because they are Banning Criminal Immigrants & want a Wall?

Pope Francis said today that "fear of migration is 'making us crazy'" supposedly attacking the President of the United States according to CBS News. But, maybe Francis was attacking the government of his home country. The Guardian reported that: "President Mauricio Macri triggers backlash from Bolivia after banning entry for foreign citizens with criminal convictions - as legislator proposes border wall." (Guardian, "Argentina sees migration ban and wall proposal in immigration row," February 3, 2017) The Bubble headline on July 4, 2018 was: "Argentina is Deporting More Foreigners While Granting Fewer Residency Permits" Is Francis saying his country's president and legislator are "crazy" by his statement? Is he saying President Donald Trump is "crazy" by his statement? Francis is being hypocritical if he only attacks Trump and not the president and legislator of his home country. Pray an Our Fat

Covington Teen-age Heroes: Evil CNN's Hate Crime & their Complicit "Conservative Pro-life" Hi-tech Lynch Mob

CNN committed a hate crime against the pro-life Covington High School kids which is evil. CNN covered-up the hate crimes: - Of a Native American man Nathan Phillips banging his drum inches from the face of a Catholic pro-life teen-ager while his Native group made racist remarks. - Of a Black hate adult group who called the pro-life kids "fags" and other unspeakable names including calling Black pro-life teens with the Catholic group "niggers." CNN lied about the hate crimes of the Native American and Black hate groups by pretending that the insulted and harassed pro-life kids were "mocking" the aggressors by heroically smiling in the face of insult and intimidation. CNN is shameless. Today, it is still lying: "The Covington Catholic High School students were... mocking Phillips." (CNN, "White House expresses 'support' for Covington Catholic students," January 22, 2019) CNN is well known for its hatred of Christia

Native American Man Bangs Drum in face of Pro-life Kid after Black Protestors Verbally Harass Pro-life Kid's Friends vs. Media Lies

Covington Catholic high school kids who took part in the March for Life in Washington DC on Friday were approached by a Native American adult man Nathan Phillips who banged his drum within inches of one of the high school kids face. The high school student responded peacefully by smiling as video of the incident confirm. Videos, also, show that a radical adult group called the Black Hebrew Israelites were harassing the pro-life kids calling them "fags" about an hour before Phillips and his Native group approached them. The kids smiled and responded peacefully to the harassment by both adult groups. BuzzFeed and the mainstream media after making up the lie about the President Donald Trump and the Cohen Moscow narrative decided to make up this lie: Evil White Catholic kids surround and harass poor Native American guy. The media's lies have consequences: Bladder Buzz is reporting today that a "Hollywood producer called for the [pro-life] teens to be murde