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Archbishop Viganò vs. Pope Innocent III, Trent Catechism, the Ancient Fathers, Doctors of the Church & Scripture

A rchbishop Carlo Maria Viganò's opinion is: "And I repeat: we are not talking about a legitimate operation, but of an abuse that, despite being an abuse, no one would be able to prevent, since “the First See is judged by none” – prima Sedes a nemine judicatur . And since the deposition of a heretical Pope is a canonically unresolved question on which there is no unanimous consent of canonists, anyone who would accuse Bergoglio of heresy would be going down a dead end and would obtain a result only with great difficulty." [] Is A rchbishop Viganò's opinion true or false? Here is the answer from a POPE to Viganò and all the Francis traditionalists who claim that a heretical pope can't be judged by the Church:  Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) in "Si Papa": "' Let no mortal being have the audacity to reprimand a Pope on acco

De Mattei said he was "Puzzled" by Schneider's claim that "Popes cannot be Deposed... for... Heresy"

One Five publisher Steve Skojec has promoted Bishop Athanasius Schneider's claim that popes cannot be deposed for heresy which "puzzled" renowned historian and scholar Roberto de Mattei. The renowned scholar apparently, also, has a different take on what "universal acceptance" means than Bishop Schneider opinion promoter Skojec. It appears to means to the scholar that a heretical pope who (apparently was lawfully elected) could lose the papacy even if he is "accepted by the universal Church." The 1P5 publisher seems to think "universal acceptance" is a "infallible fact" that a claimant for the papacy is definitely a pope even if his pontifical election was unlawful such as if he violated the conclave constitution of the previous pope and that "popes cannot be deposed... for... heresy." De Mattei said he was "puzzled" by Schneider's claim that "popes cannot be deposed... for... heresy&q

Why can't Bishop Schneider Issue a Formal Correction of Francis's False Teaching ?

Today, LifeSiteNews reported that Bishop Athanasius Schneider is " call[ing] [the] faithful to pray for Pope Francis to ‘convert’" apparently to the Catholic faith: " [We] cry to God that , through the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who in Fatima said that people should stop  offending God, who is already too offended, Pope Francis may convert and retract formally his approval for the civil same-sex unions ." [ ] The Catholic Monitor thanks Bishop Schneider for going farther than almost all bishops except for Bishop Rene Gracida in calling for a retraction from Francis. But, why can't he issue a Formal Correction of Francis's false teaching? The Medieval Pope John XXII tentatively taught a heresy on a relatively minor point on when people received the beatific vision. The French King Philippe de Valois not being a timid rabbi

Damian Thompson on Francis's "Explicit" Heresy: "Francis Explicitly Supports Civil Unions... Church Teaching Condemns them"

Today, the Associate Editor of The Spectator, Damian Thompson, admitted on his Twitter page " @holysmoke " that Francis "supports" "explicit" heresy, that is something the " Church teaching['s] condemn" :       Damian Thompson @holysmoke Your @holysmoke guide to the gay bombshell:    1. Francis explicitly supports civil unions  2. Church teaching condemns them  3. Francis is Pope, so Catholic policy has effectively changed.  4. The Pope knew this would wreak havoc  5. He likes wreaking havoc, so he did it . []   Even the generally pro-Francis Crisis Magazine agreed with Thompson:     That’s a quote from Pope Francis. Pope Francis —the Bishop of Rome, the Vicar of Christ, the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church. And not only has he come out in support of civil unions for same-sex couples: he has also confirmed old rumors that he did so in his native Argentina as early as 2010. For at least a decade, Franc

Ann Coulter: "I'm Amazed at Trump... at how Ridiculously Polite he was... Biden is a Slurring Dementia Patient"

Today, here are 5 Twitter takeaways from the debate that summed it up well: Ann Coulter @AnnCoulter I'm amazed at Trump's mastery of the subjects, amazed at how ridiculously polite he was, amazed at how good he was. at how ridiculously polite he was .   Biden is a slurring dementia patient.   Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr If you’re checking your watch in a debate you’re getting pummeled. Joe was just wanted out of there. He’s tired. If Joe doesn’t have the energy to go 90 minutes how could he possibly run the country???   Ben Shapiro @benshapiro Trump just got Biden to say he wants to end the oil industry. Wild.   Jack Posobiec @JackPosobiec Trump backstage pointed out that Welker protected Joe from most of the laptop questions, then added "But she's no Wallace"   Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS @RepGosar Jake Tapper is losing it on CNN because Donald Trump clearly won the debate.   Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and of the Church as well as for

Is Francis our First Gay Pope?

Francis strolls hand in hand with the anti-gangster and gay rights advocate Fr. Luigi Ciotti. Yesterday , reported: " Francis made on October 21 his latest declaration in support of [immoral] homosex civil unions , admitting that he has always stood up for them. This is true." [] Here is a question for those who claim Francis is definitely pope and refuse to have the Church look into the possibility that Francis may be an antipope due to documented evidential irregularities in his conclave and the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Is Francis our first gay pope? It is beyond a doubt true that no pope or antipope in history has had a gayer agenda than this man. Put it this way, it appears probable that someone with Francis's gay agenda would have felt more at home in the idol worshipping pagan cities of Sodom and Gomorrah than in the tent of Abraham. Remember how a extremist Black feminist said Bill