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Does Fr. Blake believe a Editoral Mistake is as "Scandalous" as the Vatican's Gay Orgy & Pro-Abortionist and a Scandal like the Arian Crisis?

-Updated July 14, 2017- it appears made a mistake in reporting "the story about the Pope submitting his five dubia to Cardinal Muller" according to Muller's denial of the report. Unfortunately, Muller has a track record of contradicting what those close to him say he said to them. Reliable Vatican expert and EWTN analyst Edward Pentin reporting on Muller co-worker's puzzlement at his ability to contradict himself wrote: "Another senior official... told him personally... that what the cardinal states in the interview 'is exactly the contradictory of everything which he said to me on the matter until now.'" ("Cardinal Muller's TV Interview Causes Bewilderment," National Catholic Register, January 9, 2017) Truth is important. But, how do you get to the truth by quoting someone quoting a person who has a track record for contradicting what he told his closest co-workers "until now." In my opinion, it

Catholic Prophecy of "Four Cardinals"

Please take the 19th century German stigmatist Helen Wallraff's prophecy and the other prophecies as well as the interpretations of them with a grain of salt. Some who have read the prophecies posted below jump to the conclusion that Pope Francis is a anti-pope. Remember what the great saint and mystic St. John of the Cross said: Revelation and reason are better guides to truth than visions. These prophecies are not infallible Church doctrines such as those that state unrepentant persons in mortal sin can't receive Holy Communion or repentance is required to receive God's mercy. Sadly, these doctrines appear to possibly not be the personal beliefs of the current Pope. It is possible that Francis has "allowed himself to be confused and mislead" by his advisers as the Catholic Encyclopedia said of Pope Honorius who was condemned for teaching heresy by a General Council and two Popes after his death. But, Pope Francis is the Pope for better or worst. U