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Smart Obama and Dumb Bush gave 700 billion to Economic Terrorist "Banksters [who] have Robbed well over $100 Billion Dollars from Taxpayers"

"Since when is threatening the detonation of the economy unless 700 billion is handed over immediately not economic terrorism." America Is Running Out Of Rope Oh no, we don't cheat: Goldman Sachs Group Inc. research analyst Marc Irizarry's published rating on mutual-fund manager Janus Capital Group Inc. was a lackluster "neutral" in early April 2008. But at an internal meeting that month, the analyst told dozens of Goldman's traders the stock was likely to head higher, company documents show. Nothing like selling bonds out the front door and shorting them on your prop desk, right? Oh wait, Goldman did that too! Securities laws require firms like Goldman to engage in "fair dealing with customers," and prohibit analysts from issuing opinions that are at odds with their true beliefs about a stock. Steven Strongin, Goldman's stock research chief, says no one g