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Why are Opus Dei Promoters such as Voris and 1P5 Publisher Sammons refusing to look at the Evidence that Francis may be an Antipope?

    Michael Voris @Michael_Voris Liar. I personally funded CM to start it up and keep it going to the tune of almost a million dollars of my personal money. Opus Dei gave us nothing. Not then. Not now. Nor would I take their dirty "bishop controlled" money. BUT - u are still a LIAR. Just like the @SSPXEN [] OnTheSideOfTheAngels @OTSOTA Replying to @Michael_Voris and @SSPXEN I'm not lying, just repeating uncontested public articles you haven't denied: Letter of 11 March 2011 from Marc Brammer #OpusDei Supernumerary to Journalist & Author Randy Engel that yes he provided seed capital of $250k to launch RCTV (w/ Frank Coan OD) [ Engel: All the Men Behind the Opus Dei Curtain... [] Why are Voris' Church Militant & Opus Dei pushing the ... Michael Dowd said… Opus Dei has supported CM for many years. The last time I talked with Michael Vori