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Gov. Newsom should be Impeached for "Clearly Violat[ing] the First Amendment"

The Epoch Times revealed that CEO Harmeet Dhillon of the Center for American Liberty filed a lawsuit against California Governor Gavin Newsom. The article reported: "'Criminalizing individual participation at a church, synagogue, mosque temple or. other houses of worship clearly violates the First Amendment,' Dhillon said. 'If a Californian is able to go to Costco... then he or she must be allowed to practice their faith using the same precautions.'" (Epoch Times, "Let's Reclaim What is Fundamental," April 16-22, 2020) Can governors be impeached for violating the First Amendment? It is a fact that "each state's legislature can impeach state officials, including the governor." (Wikipedia, "Impeachment in the United States") This means that every Democrat and Republican governor who violated the First Amendment like Newsom did should be impeached. Moreover, states can also have recall elections to remove governo

Pro-life Heroes across the Nation Threatened by Police including Catholic Monitor Commenter PrayPrayPray

Across the country in the totalitarian lockdowns, the unborn babies are being killed in abortuaries that the pro-abortion governments are allowing to be open to do their depraved butchering Pro-life heroes and heroines are being threatened with arrest and $1,000 fines. I received an email today from long time Catholic Monitor commenter PrayPrayPray that her group is also being threatened with arrest and a $5,000 fine. I just returned her emailed in which she informed me of the harassment. I hope to write another post later in the week with more specific information if she gives me permission. I ask all Catholic Monitor readers to pray for PrayPrayPray and her pro-life group. Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Pray an Our Father now for PrayPrayPray and her pro-life group.

Coronavirus War Heroes: Walker, Ferrara, Barnhardt, Bugnolo, Docherty, etc...

Once again, Chris Ferrara in his latest post showed the objective facts that the coronavirus hysteria is a "monumental fraud." In the coronavirus hysteria, he, Frank Walker and a few other heroes have been courageous in not being afraid to face the lynch mobs in social media that attacked them for presenting the objective facts. It looks like the tide is turning as President Donald Trump appears ready to begin ending the totalitarian lockdowns. I ask all Catholic Monitor readers to pray for the Catholic heroes and heroines of the Coronavirus War. We must keep fighting and not let down our guard until the Mass is no longer banned and the totalitarian lockdowns are ended. But, sometimes it is good to stop to honor those who fought and helped to turn the tide when almost everyone was hiding or running away. Please pray for the following heroes of the Coronavirus War. I know there are others, but the following list are the main Catholic leaders that I know o

Does Fr. Z Think Communion for Adulterers is a "Sinful... Liturgical Abuse"?

Yesterday, Fr. Z, Fr. John Zuhlsorf, in his post "What's the truth about SSPX?" gave a strong defense of the Society of St. Puis X against apparently Francis traditionalists Tim and Dave Gordon, and others who asked him: "Is it sinful to go to an SSPX Mass?" He answered: "Frankly, yes it would be sinful to go to their [SSPX] Masses out of sheer desire to hurt local parishes or priests or you hate the local bishop, or Pope, or some aspect of the Church, blah, blah blah. Frankly, yes, it would be sinful to attend a parish where there are liturgical abuses that you happen to know are abuses but you like those abuses and you don't care about authority..." "... They are clearly not Protestant, who are heretics." I have a some questions for Fr. Z. Does he think Communion for adulterers is a "liturgical abuse" and therefore it is "sinful to attend a parish [or a Catholic church] where there are liturgical abuses"

The Coronavirus Ecumenical Creed for Virus Trads and Virus Liberals

"I believe in Coronavirus almighty. The creator of lockdown on earth which was conceived of the unholy fear of it and borne of the fear of it. It suffered under a bunch of lies about it. It stupefied and was gloried. It descended into the earth. It ascended into the presidential thrones where they shall judge the banning of Masses and the Coronavirus dead. "I believe in Amoris Laetitia, the communion of adulterers, Francis's representation of the globalist teachings which is embodied in the climate change gospel, a one-world government and the goddess mother earth everlasting." I wrote this ecumenical creed with the hope it will help the Francis traditionalists and the Francis liberals to unite in their common belief in the Coronavirus almighty. While it is well know that virus traditionalists like Steve Skojec, Tim Gordon and all the virus trads feel uncomfortable with the part of the creed about the climate change gospel and the communion of adulterers, they

Taylor Marshall: "I am... Open to seeing Benedict was Coerced" to Resign

Today, Taylor Marshall on his YouTube podcast while claiming "I'm not making" the argument then made the argument anyway that "if you wanted to show Benedict is still the pope you would show coercion in resignation": "If you wanted to show Benedict was still pope you would show coercion in resignation. That is a little hard to demonstrate... I am way more open to seeing Benedict was coerced." "When you look at the ATM machines, the Vatican Bank, when you look at the cardinals in drag and all the this stuff, cocaine fueled orgy parties at the CDF and you look at all the things that were happening from Vigano up to the resignation and the butler. There is a argument if you wanted to make it, I'm not making it, but if you wanted to make it coercion seems to me to be where it is at." (Dr.Taylor Marshall Show, "Cardinal Pell talks Vatican Bank Corruption," April 15, 2020, 56:27-57:29)) It makes me laugh, but Marshall who isn&

Even Pro-Francis Zenit disagrees with Virus Trad Gordon Brothers in saying "One may go in Good Conscience" to SPPX Masses

Even the pro-Francis Zenit's Fr. Edward McNamara, director of the Sacerdos Institute at the Regina Apostolorum University, on March 17, disagrees with Francis traditionalists Tim and Dave Gordon's claim that Catholics may not attend the Society of St. Pius X Masses. Fr. McNamara said: "Only if there is no alternative should one attend the Mass celebrated by a priest from the Society of St. Puis X. If one has to do so, then I would say that one may go in good conscience and recieve Communion at such a Mass. It would also fulfill the Sunday obligation." Zenit News Agency, "SSPX Masses," March 17, 2020) Many traditionalist Catholics are calling the Gordon brothers virus traditionalists for the reason that they have joined One Peter Five publisher Steve Skojec's campaign to promote banning the Mass because they along with Francis apparently believe that the coronavirus is supposedly a kind of new Black Plague. Pray an Our Father now for the restora

Are Coronavirus Lockdown World Leaders willing to have Genocide of the Poor by Starvation?

Worldwide Deaths from January 1 to March 25, 2020:       21,297 - Death by Coronavirus  2,382,324 - Death by Hunger (Source: The WorldOMeter says the death toll is over two million people worldwide dying of hunger so far this year which could increase dramatically due to the totalitarian coronavirus lockdowns. According to The Guardian, the  coronavirus "[c]urbs on the movement of people, because of the lockdown, also threatens to create shortages of farm labour at a crucial time of year for many crops" which "could double [the] number of people going hungry." Another reason for this The Guardian reported is because "[f]ood supplies across the world will be 'massively disrupted' according to "some of the world's biggest food companies have warned."  (The Guardian, "Coronavirus could double number of people going hungry," April 9, 2020) It appears that the totalitarian lockdowns are

Are Skojec & the Gordon Brothers Infected with Jansenism which was condemned by Pope Pius X?

Might banning the Mass because of the supposed Black Plague coronavirus promoter, Steve Skojec, as well as Tim Gordon and his brother Dave be infected with the heresy of Jansenism? This heresy like Protestantism and the Modernism of the Nouvelle theologie school, that dominated the proceedings of Vatican II, claimed to be returning to the "early Church" practices. Jansenism emphasized pessimism due to original sin and predestination as did Calvinism and Lutheranism. One of the main tenets of Jansenism was that Holy Communion shouldn't be received frequently. In the early twentieth century, Pope Pius X, the hammer of Modernist heretics, condemned this tenet and endorsed frequent Communion. It appears that Skojec and the Gordon brothers agree with the Jansenist heretics and oppose Pius X's endorsement of frequent Communion. In a podcast of Rules for Retrograde, Dave (although it might have been Tim because their voices are similar), in a conversion about the

Even Totalitarian China didn't have a "Total Shutdown" like US Democrats Want for their Totalitarian Paradise

The countries most successful in containing the coronavirus such as anti-Communist Taiwan and South Korea have had no lockdowns which proves that lockdowns are a Chinese Communist tactic. But, if President Donald Trump believes he must follow his leftist pro-abortion Bill Gates collaborator medical advisors in using the totalitarian tactic as the way to go then why not follow the model completely. The city of Wuhan had 80% of the coronavirus death toll for the whole country of China so the Marxist regime did a total lockdown of that city and other hot spot Chinese provinces (states), but it didn't have a "total shutdown" of most of its provinces according to United States scientist Clifford Lane who visited China during the lockdowns: "In most of the [Chinese] provinces, it wasn't a total shutdown - it was a lot of restrictions, and it wasn't that the city was shut down and people couldn't go out." (, "Quarantined at home n