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Coronavirus War Heroes: Walker, Ferrara, Barnhardt, Bugnolo, Docherty, etc...

Once again, Chris Ferrara in his latest post showed the objective facts that the coronavirus hysteria is a "monumental fraud."

In the coronavirus hysteria, he, Frank Walker and a few other heroes have been courageous in not being afraid to face the lynch mobs in social media that attacked them for presenting the objective facts.

It looks like the tide is turning as President Donald Trump appears ready to begin ending the totalitarian lockdowns.

I ask all Catholic Monitor readers to pray for the Catholic heroes and heroines of the Coronavirus War. We must keep fighting and not let down our guard until the Mass is no longer banned and the totalitarian lockdowns are ended.

But, sometimes it is good to stop to honor those who fought and helped to turn the tide when almost everyone was hiding or running away.

Please pray for the following heroes of the Coronavirus War. I know there are others, but the following list are the main Catholic leaders that I know of:

*Frank Walker
*Chris Ferrera
*Ann Barnhardt
*Br. Alexis Bugnolo
*Mark Docherty
*All the other heroes and heroines

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate of Mary.

Pray an Our Father now for Mr. Walker, Mr. Ferrara, Miss Barnhardt, Br. Bugnolo, Mr. Docherty as well as all the other heroes and heroines.


Unknown said…
I'd add Mike Church to your heroes list!
Fred Martinez said…
I forgot to include Dad29 in the heroes list.
MARIA said…
Father David Nix has always been against the shut downs of the sacraments even while he believed that the virus was a serious matter. Now with our increased information he had come to realize that the information about the virus is not reliable and that it is probably not more serious than a flu.
Stephen Lowe said…
bravo and gratitude to these great Catholics.
Osusanna said…
Prayers said! God bless us all.
Dr. E. Michael Jones.
SFA said…
Dr. Jones smelled a rat from the very beginning. He has been plugged into this oligarch business for a long time. He knows who they are and how the work.
Fred Martinez said…
Sorry, but Jones like the so-called conservative pro-abortion eugenicist Michael Savage every now and then says true things, but then like Savage mixes it with disinformation for the terrorist state Iran and the murderous totalitarian Communist China. How can anyone trust a propagandist for Iran and China?
God bless each and every one of them, and all the unsung heros who pray in obscurity and fight the good fight.

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