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Are Pope Francis & Pelosi Senile or Having Lapses Into Insanity?

-Updated June 11, 2017- In an article called "Pelosi Questions President Trump's Fitness Then Lapses Into Insanity," journalist Onan Coca wrote: Nancy Pelosi "repeatedly calls President Trump, President Bush. She routinely gets simple facts about the nation and world, wrong... butchering the English language and confusing... with her rambling nonsense." "The same thing has happens with other anti-Trumpers, like Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. The one common threat among all of them is their extreme old age. Science teaches us that as we age our abilities (both mental and physical) decline." (Freedom Outpost, June 11, 2017) 80 year old anti-Trumper Pope Francis, who in 2016 called Trump "not Christian," may fall into this select group. Philosopher Edward Feser wrote: Francis made "the statement that the death penalty is 'incomparably worse than' the crime for which an offender might be executed... Do