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Why Chastity is Impossible Without Prayer Prayer and Chastity by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. Our title for the present conference is “Prayer and Chastity.” It could just as well be “Without Prayer There Can Be No Chastity.” Or again the title could be “Christian Chastity Is Impossible Without Prayer.” All that we have so far seen about Christian chastity tells us that this virtue is humanly impossible. I wish to stress the word humanly impossible. The moment we say that, we are in effect defining the meaning of divine grace. The grace that only God can give. Why Chastity is Impossible Without Prayer Over the centuries, chastity has been called the difficult virtue and Christ's teaching on chastity the difficult commandment. But that is an understatement. When Christ told us that, “without me you can do nothing,” He meant two things. He meant

How to Keep Your Children Catholic How to Keep Your Children Catholic by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. This is surely an unusual subject for today’s conference, “How To Keep Your Children Catholic.” The subject may be unusual but it is desperately important. I would like to briefly address myself to three questions, expressed in three words, Why? What? and How? Why? I don’t think anyone here has any doubt about why we should speak about keeping our children Catholic. The widespread loss of young Catholics to the true faith is unparalleled in Christian history. Millions of teenagers and those in their early twenties are leaving the Catholic Church in one so-called developed country after another. I will never forget the dinner I had with a Catholic father and mother who sadly told me that their seventh child had just left the Church. All seven h

Jesus Christ's Resurrection is a Historical Fact The Meaning of Easter by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. Easter is the most important feast in Christianity. In fact, it is the pivot of the ecclesiastical year around which everything in the Church's calendar revolves. Already in the first century of the Christian era, Sunday replaced Saturday as the Lord's Day, a weekly commemoration of Easter. Yet in secularized cultures like the United States and Canada, Easter is not much celebrated except liturgically. It is too religious and too Christian for people who are immersed in the things of this world to pay much attention to a world to come and to a life after death, yet that is what Easter is all about, to those who believe. My purpose here is to ask three questions and briefly answer each one in sequence: What do we commemorate on Easter Sund

Why is Ann Coulter Campaigning for Hitler, Hillary and Romney?

Why is Ann Coulter campaigning for Hitler, Hillary and Romney? The one thing all three had in common is a gay agenda. "Coulter noted, if McCain made former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney his vice president, she would support the Republican ticket."[] Romney or Giuliani being the VP would be a reason for me and many pro-family voters not to vote for McCain. Although we could never join Ann in voting for Clinton. Maybe Coulter needs to ask Hillary to make Romney her VP. Fred Unlike McCain, Hitler 'Had a Coherent Tax Policy,' Coulter Says By Matt Purple Correspondent February 08, 2008 (Clarification: Ann Coulter's appeared at the Omni Shoreham hotel but not at CPAC.) Washington ( - In a speech at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C., Friday, just down the hall from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), author Ann Coulter said that the p