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Hispanic Americans vs. Democrat Party

Hispanic Americans to Rally for Marriage at
Democrat National Convention

No Longer Will Votes be Taken for Granted


WASHINGTON, D. C. - Although sizable majorities of Hispanic voters vote Democrat, they also are some of the strongest supporters of the marriage protection amendment. After two years of a Democratic-controlled Congress which has refused to consider the amendment, Hispanic voters will rally at the Democratic National Convention in Denver to press candidates to stand up for marriage. Key Latino leaders from across the country will join the Alliance for Marriage Foundation to host the event.

"For far too long the votes of Latinos have been taken for granted," said Rev. Sam Rodriguez, Jr., President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and Advisory Board Member of the Alliance for Marriage Foundation. "As our numbers grow, our influence is growing, and it is time for leaders of both parties to put protecting marriage and strong family values at the center of their agenda. Candidates like to tout 'family values' on the stump, but then toss our values aside when they get to Washington . We're not going to tolerate that any more."

The event will be held just steps from the convention hall in Denver and will feature leaders of the broad coalition of Americans who favor the marriage protection amendment, but will focus on the Hispanic community in particular. The Alliance for Marriage will begin a public relations campaign, including paid media, to raise awareness of the issue and the event. Final details will be made public in the weeks leading up to the convention.

The event is meant to capitalize on a new phase in the strategy to protect marriage, which is to mobilize the growing influence of Hispanic voters on American politics. And the fact that it will be held in Denver , the site of the Democratic National Convention, signifies how much ground has been lost in a state once renowned for its dedication to values.

Until very recently, the vast majority of Colorado 's elected officials stood up for marriage and strong values. Not anymore. In fact, Colorado is now the political playground of fabulously wealthy radical activists like software-magnate Tim Gill, who seek silently to destroy the rights of Americans through front groups financed by invisible campaign checks.

Gill and his millionaire allies have literally transformed Colorado 's political landscape overnight. Once known as the very heart of America 's pro-marriage and pro-family movement, Colorado is now known as the home front for radical activists who seek to force their radical vision for America upon the entire nation.

This is why mobilizing the influence of the Hispanic vote within both national political parties, but especially the Democrat party, is the only chance of pushing back the forces of Gill and others.


Rev. Sam uel Rodriguez, Jr.

National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

Dr. Patricia DeVeaux

African Methodist Episcopal Church

Dr. Walter Fauntroy

National Black Leadership Roundtable

Niger Innis

Congress of Racial Equality

Bishop George McKinney

Church of God in Christ

Jesse Miranda

Alianza Ministerial Evangelica Nacional

Prof. Mary Ann Glendon

Harvard Law School

Archbishop Charles Chaput Archdiocese of Denver

Dick Richardson

Black Ministerial Alliance of Greater Boston

Rabbi Barry Freundel KesherIsrael Synagogue

Archbishop Jose Gomez

Archdiocese of San Antonio

David Anderson

American Anglican Council

Rev. Won Sang Lee

Korean Central Presbyterian Church

Rabbi Yoels Schonfeld

Queens Board of Rabbis

Prof. Teresa Collett

South Texas College of Law

Vitus Cheng

Chinese Church of MD

Bonnie Camarda Hispanic Clergy of Philadelphia

Prof. Katherine Spaht

Louisiana State Law Center


The Alliance for Marriage is a non-partisan, multicultural coalition whose Board of Advisors includes Rev. Walter Fauntroy -- the former DC Delegate who organized the March on Washington for Martin Luther King Jr. -- as well as other civil rights and religious leaders, and national legal experts.


The Alliance for Marriage is aggressively working around the clock on behalf of the American family. We are daily engaged in this serious fight for the future of our nation. It is only by making our voices heard that we can fully protect marriage for our children and grandchildren.


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