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Are Most Conservative Catholics Semi-Modernists who are slowly becoming Total Modernist Heretics?

  "Some... assembled [Council] prelates advocated... harsh measures towards the [Semi-Arian] Arianizers... Athanasius, however, proposed more temperate measures... A decree was passed, that such [Semi-Arian] bishops as had communicated with the Arians through weakness or surprise, should be recognized in their respective sees, on signing the Nicene formulary; but that those, who publicly defended the heresy, should only be admitted to lay-communion ... Yet it cannot be denied, that men of zeal and boldness were found among the [Semi-Arian] Arianizers. Two laymen, Flavian and Diodorus, protested with spirit against the [unambiguous Arian] heterodoxy of the crafty Leontius, and kept alive an orthodox [Catholic] party in the midst of the [Arian] Eusebian communion." (The Arians of the Fourth Century, By John Henry Newman, Pages 198-199)    'Yet the men were better than their creed; and it is satisfactory to be able to detect amid the impiety and wor

Is Francis's Motu Proprio a Modernist Document that will have to be Corrected?

Traditionalists said it was a facade which was ambiguous and not defined teaching that would eventually have to be corrected. Francis's Vatican Archbishop Guido Pozzo who was negotiating with Society of Pius X for Francis agreed with the Traditionalists that it was not defined teaching. Pozzo said that Dignitatis Humanae "is not about doctrine or definitive statements, but... pastoral practice." (Die Zeit, August 2016, Interview with Archbishop Guido Pozzo) - The Catholic Monitor The Okie Traditionalist website appears to give a good summary of Francis's Motu Proprio as a Modernist document: I am confident it will be shown by Cardinals, Bishops, and theologians to be null and void on several points... Modernists will not stop to impose the Council's radical reforms on those of us who want to maintain the Tradition, especially imposing a Protestant-ized Mass, and ultimately to force Traditional Catholics to one day set aside the Ancient and Venerable Rom