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Native Americans for Trump

This is from "The Native Conservative" Twitter page:  Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump As the 1st President to formally recognize the issue of Missing & Murdered Native Americans, today, I was proud to sign Savanna’s Act & the Not Invisible Act. We have also provided $295 Million to support public safety & crime victims. Forgotten NO MORE! #OperationLadyJustice   The Native Conservative @rightwingnative Replying to @realDonaldTrump I speak for the indigenous people who support you Mr. President by saying we are extremely grateful for all that you do! I pray that one day I can shake your hand and tell you face to face, that you’re the greatest leader I’ve ever known of! God bless you sir... #Trump2020   The Native Conservative @rightwingnative · I HAVE LITERALLY BUILT AN ENTIRE PLATFORM FOR NATIVE CONSERVATIVES!!! STOP BEING SILENT ABOUT MY INDIGENOUS PEOPLE!!! WE ARE SUFFERING BECAUSE OF THE LEFT!!!!!!! THATS WHY I BUILT A PLATFORM FOR US TO ESCAPE THEM!!!!!!! [ht

Why aren't Biden, Cuomo, Fauci & Skojec calling for the Satanic "Sarcament" of Abortion Places of Worship to be Restricted?

  Governor Andrew Cuomo and his attorney general of New York Michel Martin apparently believe in religious freedom for Satanists to have access to their "sacrament" of abortion nationwide.  On April 4, Cuomo's attorney general Martin "called for nationwide abortion access during the coronavirus" in an interview with National Public Radio (NRP). (NRP, "New York AG calls for Nationwide Abortion during the Coronavirus," April 4, 2020) Why are Cuomo and his attorney general banning religious services for Christians in New York, but now demanding that the Satanic "sacrament" of abortion in their churches called "abortion clinics" not be restricted? On October 6, 2015, the LifeSiteNews headline was "Satanists to Missouri governor: Abortion is a 'sacrament.'" LifeSiteNews reported: "The 'Satanic Temple' is suing both Missouri and the United States, claiming that laws restricting abortion violate its m

"Francis Removes Parolin from IOR [Vatican Bank]": It appears that Francis and the Gay Lobby are Victorious over Old Guard

 Today, the foreign Huffington Post website headline was " Papa Francesco toglie Parolin dallo Ior": "Pope Francis removes Parolin from the IOR [Vatican Bank]" The article said "Vatican Secretary of State (65) is no longer a member of the Cardinal Commission for controlling the IOR [Vatican Bank]." [ ] Parolin was apparently the last member of Cardinal Angelo Sodano's Old Guard that had any significant power in the Francis Vatican. It appears that Francis and the Gay Lobby are victorious over Sodano's Old Guard.  Here is the historical background: It seems that the alliance, of the Gay Lobby and the Old Guard, that apparently was involved with the engineering of the election of Francis is breaking up and the allies are now at war. Francis appears to run the Gay Lobby while Cardinal Angelo Sodano apparently is the head of the Old Guard. Fi

COVID Media Hysteria vs. COVID Facts

Rocco Galati, who is a Constitutional Lawyer and the Executive Director (Founder) of the Constitutional Rights Centre Inc. (CRC), tweeted " uncontroverted facts about mortality rate of Covid-19" :   Rocco Galati @roccogalatilaw · 2h Must repeat the uncontroverted facts about mortality rate of Covid-19. It is, in Canada, a 99.976% survival rate. Where's the "epidemic"(pandemic)? which is defined by WHO/CDC as: when 7% of those infected die. That would be a 93% survival rate. We are, at 99.976%---the flu.…     Here is a great image of the mind of a COVID hysteria media believer from Catholic pundit Ann Barnhardt's blog:   Thanks Ann B. Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the  Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph  of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and  the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Bishop Gracida: "You cannot give Holy Communion to... the Abortion Promoters and Providers, to the Divorce and Remarried. You cannot do it"

  Watch "Bishop Gracida Exclusive Interview — on YouTube:   "You cannot give Holy Communion to the abortionists, to the abortion promoters and providers, to the divorce and remarried. You cannot do it. St. Paul said you do not feed the Eucharist to dogs..."     "Right now they [the laity] are suffering in silence. They need to object. The laity, the sensus fidelium is that common sense among the laity who have accepted the magisterial teaching of the Church which is the foundation of their faith."     "Having accepted that when they hear something that is contradictory to the magisterial teaching of the Church, the sensus fidelium is a impulse that causes them to speak out and say no."     "That is not true. Don't say that. Stop! That is the sensus fidelium in action!"     "Not to sit and suffer in silence. That's crazy. That's weird. That's wrong. Speak up! Resist