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Congressman Greg Murphy: "@KamalaHarris is not fit to be VP, much less POTUS"

Today, on Twitter North Carolina's 3rd District Congressman Greg Murphy said his analysis of the debate demonstrated "that @KamalaHarris is not fit to be VP, much less POTUS:

Greg Murphy @RepGregMurphy 

Member of Congress proudly representing North Carolina's 3rd District:

Biggest take away from the VP Debate--@KamalaHarris is not qualified to be POTUS in any way, shape or form.

@Mike_Pence has all the qualities to assume the duties if called. That's what a VP's job is...She is just not up to the task...

 ... Bad week for Dems..the@CalforNC marital scandal, proof that@HillaryClinton is a scheming traitor 

and demonstration that @KamalaHarris is not fit to be VP, much less POTUS. 
And then there is poor @JoeBiden ....the lies have finally caught up with you guys... []
The Okie Traditionalist website gave a more in-depth analysis on why Harris "is not fit to be VP, much less POTUS": 
"1. Biden's running mate acted extremely immature throughout the debate.  Her sarcastic sneers and hateful tone towards Pence/the Trump side was transparent to everyone, especially the thinking element that is the 10% "undecided voter."  Frankly, she acted like a Femi-Nazi, and I am sure the undecided saw that.  She only showcased her radical leftist personality, supporting the Trump claim that a Biden presidency spells radical leftism for the whole country going forward.  That woman did not act even remotely in a stately way becoming of the office of Vice President (or President, since the Vice President is a potential President)."

"2.  Pence on the other hand was consistently stately, objective, respectful, rational, laying out facts, following the nature of what a debate is.  He did not give into the sanitized "conversation" that was attempted to be imposed on him.  He was a gentleman, which made him the winner hands down.  Americans as human beings, instinctively according to their nature as human beings, saw through the baloney from the Left, and the intellectual honesty of the Trump ticket... "

"... Pence definitely won, which gives some hope, but we need to pray more and more these next 27 days. God does work in mysterious ways, and everything is according to His Plan."[]

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Maria Ramirez said…
Yes my brother it was evident that harris is just another puppet for the left wing radicals. It was painful to watch and listen to such an evil person. She spewed out nothing but lies and hatred. We must stand up and fight the agenda of the evil one, but we also should pray for
those blinded by the lies of this world. All I can say to my family and friends that are "blind,".Seek the
truth before it is too late!! "For what shall it profit a man,if he should gain the whole world but lose his own soul."
(Mark 8:36)

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