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If Romney is for Abortion on Demand, Why Vote for Him?

If Romney is for Abortion on Demand, Why Vote for Him? I said I will not vote for Mitt. But, Obama is so in your face about making the USA an abortion/anti-family state that I’m having second thoughts. Is it better to have the enemy in front of you? Will Romney's create a liberal paradigm shift in the Republican Party not just for homosexual “special rights”, but also for abortion on demand that will never be reversed in that Party. Lesfemmes wrote: Did you hear what [Romney] said? Abortion for rape and incest and "health and life of the mother." That is Roe v. Wade and it equals abortion on demand. In Doe v. Bolton, the companion decision, the court defined the woman's "health" to include physical health, mental health, the woman's family situation, and her age. To sum up, it was abortion in the first three months for no reason; abortion in the last six for any reason. Unborn babies are just so much trash to both presidential candidates.

No Charismatic Tongues in First Centuries of Church Except with Heretics

No Charismatic Tongues in First Centuries of  Church Except with Heretics Glossolalia or speaking in tongues is the fluid vocalizing (or less commonly, the writing) of speech-like syllables which lack any readily comprehended meaning, in some cases as part of religious practice.[1] The significance of glossolalia has varied in context, with some minorities considering it as a part of a sacred language. It is most prominently practiced within Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity, but it is also practiced in non-Christian religions. Glossolalia also sometimes refers to xenoglossy, which is speaking in a natural language that was previously unknown to the speaker. Contents [hide] 1 Etymology 2 Linguistics 3 Glossolalia in Christianity 3.1 Theological explanations 3.2 Biblical practice 3.3 Church practice 3.3.1 A.D. 100 to 400 3.3.2 A.D. 400 to 1900 3.3.3 20th century to present 4 Non-Christian practice 5 S