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"Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions" & "Weaken... the Immune System" due to Side Effects?

" Early Church writers (Justin Martyr, Athenagoras, Irenaeus, Tertulli - an, Clement of Alexandria, Hippolytus, Origen, Cyprian, Lactantius, Epiphanius, Jerome, Augustine, and others) reviled contraception and abortion while extolling sexual purity a nd God's procreation plan through marriage. They esteemed celibacy when committed to God's service (as Apostle Paul taught), while marriage, by virtue of the union, required an openness to children as God willed. Believing God foreknew and chose each child who is conceived, they deemed contraceptive use a form of murder, however unintended. " - The Church Poem [file:///C:/Users/Fred/AppData/Local/Temp/Church%20Poem.pdf] It appears that the path to abortion and hurting your own body is the Pill according to lawyer and researcher Andrew Flusche: This constant presence of powerful steroids is not healthy, and there are side effects when using the pill. How does the pill work? The birth

Amoris Laetitia's Lutheran Sin of Presumption vs. Sacred Heart of Jesus Devotion of Reparation

    " [T]he original doctrine of Luther presumed to be certain of salvation without the necessity of contrition ." - Theologian Dr. Lawrence Feingold   "At first blush, the new [ Amoris Laetitia] Jansenism sounds encouraging—none are guilty, all are saved! In truth, however, a pessimism that would canonize all is only a shade less pessimistic than one that would condemn all to hell. As St. Thomas notes, both despair and presumption are sins against hope." - Theologian Jessica Murdoch Has Francis fallen into presumption? Francis by his apparent Lutheran/Calvinist Amoris Laetitia denial of free will seems to affirm the semi- Protestant heresy of Jansenism which denied love for "love under compulsion is hardly love."  It appears that Francis "removes the very essence of love—freedom." Theologian Jessica Murdoch , an associate professor of fundamental and dogmatic theology ,  explains: "Thus the Jansenists reduced morality to meani