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Loughner's Pro-Abortion Atheism is Covered-up by Media

Chicago Atheism Examiner: "Loughner no more represents the atheist movement than Hitler represented Catholicism or bin Laden Islam." "Another classmate, Lydian Ali, recalled the incident as well. "'A girl had written a poem about an abortion. It was very emotional and she was teary eyed and he said something about strapping a bomb to the fetus and making a baby bomber,' Ali said." Here's the Times' version: "After another student read a poem about getting an abortion, Mr. Loughner compared the young woman to a 'terrorist for killing the baby.'" So that's how the Times transformed Loughner from a sicko laughing about a dead fetus to a deadly earnest pro-life fanatic. (Never believe a news story written by Eric Lipton, Charlie Savage or Scott Shane of The New York Times -- or for simplicity, anything in the Times.) I wouldn't

Getting Prayers Answered has these Necessary Conditions

By St. Francis De Sales All that remains is for us to state the necessary conditions to pray well. I know indeed that the ancients who treat this matter cite a great many such conditions; some count 15, others eight. But since this number is so large, I limit myself to mentioning only three. The first is that one be little by humility ; the second, that one be great in hope ; and the third, that one be grafted onto Jesus Christ crucified . Let us speak of the first, which is nothing other than that spiritual mendicancy of which Our Lord says: Blessed are the mendicant in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. [Cf. Mt. S:3]. And although some of the Doctors interpret these words thus: How happy are the poor in spirit, these two interpretations are not opposed, because all the poor are mendicants [beggars] if they are not proud, and all mendicants are poor if they are not avaricious. In order to pray well, then, we must acknowledge that we are poor, and we mus