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Showing posts from May 21, 2017

Liberal: Hypocrite Pope Francis's "Smiling Face" for Leftist Dictators Shows Acceptance

Liberal Fabiolas Santiago who has "been critical of Trump" said that President Trump "got what he deserved: the cold shoulder" from the Pope. In a article for the Miami Herald Santiago said Francis had a "smiling face" for dictators and a disdainful face for the President, but no "matter how I dislike President Trump... he was democratically elected. " In the article he wrote: I like Pope Francis, but when it comes to strongmen, he plays the hypocrite card..." "But the Cuban and Venezuelan people desperately need his moral authority... Pope Francis' warmth toward the Castros, seen under the light of the Trump scorn, sends a message to the world that their rule is acceptable. " (Miami Herald, May 26, 2017, "If only Pope Francis treated dictators with the disdain he showed President Trump")

Oscar the Grouch Maradiaga's Bizarre Rant "Signals Desperation" says Vatican Expert

A Vatican expert who has met Pope Francis told me: "There's an old saying: the louder they scream, the scare-der they are. This applies to Oscar the Grouch." "Maradiaga's unprovoked, caustic, low blow at Burke is simply bizarre, but it signals to me that they are losing their popularity. Oscar's rant signals desperation. He senses the wind is shifting away from the merciful Pope." "The fact that Burke is still around, gaining traction and the voice of the Resistance is infuriating them." According to the source who wishes to remain anonymous, "Francis is very thin skinned." The "series of Resistance conferences in Rome's steps" and the "band of bloggers" is getting "under his skin." The Vatican expert's advice to the Resistance and the band of bloggers: "Keep the heat on."

Pope Francis & Honorius, Heresy and a Bird's Eyes View or Perspective

With Pope Francis like Pope Honorius now officially teaching heresy we need a bird's eye view or perspective. When Honorius taught heresy the Holy See wasn't vacant and the Church didn't die. As in the time of Honorius, the Holy See is not vacant and the Catholic Church is still the Church founded by Jesus Christ that will endure until He returns at the end of time. Remember that the Church survived the heresy of Honorius and he was not condemned until after his death. The See didn't become vacant and the Church didn't die. The Catholic Church survived Honorius and will survive Francis. Honorius was not even corrected or even challenged by the bishops of his time. At least, Francis is being challenged and may be corrected. We must pray that the Dubia Cardinals correct the Pope. Most importantly, we must hold on to our God given faith, hope and love/charity. We must pray, do penance, do our daily duty and influence those around us towards God and