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Legitimate Catholic Diversity of Opinion, Debate and Prayer are Needed

James Hitchcock’s article “Abortion and the ‘Catholic Right’” in the Human Life Review says that The Wanderer has a “seamless garment” agenda. Does this Catholic weekly put economic issues and the Iraq war ahead of the sin of abortion? My guess is no. I believe, that like the weekly columnist Pat Buchanan whom The Wanderer publishes, the newspaper would hold their nose and vote for a W. Bush over an anti-war, but radically pro-abortion Democrat candidate. Hitchcock makes a good point about the newspaper’s “unacknowledged internal conflict” on economic views. Joe Sobran who recently retired does “espouses a minimalist view of the state, according to which almost every project that government undertakes does nothing but harm,” whereas Rupert Ederer, who is the economic expert for the newspaper thinks the government should get more involved in “trade, tax, and monetary” issues as Hitchcock noted in his article. Both Ederer and Sobran have appeared to write that other issues are of equal w

Public Schools Change Young Christian's Values

Public Schools Change Young Evangelicals' Values January 2, 2009 by Phyllis Schlafly Why did 18-to-29-year-old evangelicals vote for Barack Obama despite his apostasy on the fundamental moral issues of abortion and same-sex unions? They voted 32 percent for Obama, twice the percentage of that demographic group who voted for John Kerry in 2004. Many of these young people identify "social justice" as the reason that led them to relegate the prime moral issues of life and marriage to the back burner. But the term "social justice" does not define a moral cause; it is leftwing jargon to overturn those who have economic and political power. What caused young evangelicals, the children of the so-called "religious right," to change their moral imperatives so dramatically? Most likely it's the attitudes and decision-making they learned in the public schools, which 89 percent of U.S. students attend. The public schools took a major left turn in the 1960s wh

The Coming Victory Over Abortion

Below is a email I recieved from Steve Mosher. Please read it because it is important. I don't want to get into names, but there are some pro-life organizations which I wouldn't donate a penny. Steve's PRI is just the opposite, if you could only donate to one pro-life group that is the one. Fred Abortion may be legal in America, but more and more Americans are choosing life. This shift in attitude will have a positive demographic effect in the years ahead. As more and more Americans choose life, America is shifting towards the Culture of Life. Steven W. Mosher President The Coming Demographic Victory Pro-lifers may be on the defensive in the courtroom, but they are winning the battle of the cradle. The first person to point this out to me was Father Paul Marx. A family sociologist by training, Father had noticed in his travels around the United States that pro-lifers had larger families than the American average. I had observed the same thing. Pro-life events attracted fami