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Pope Francis's Head of CDF to Stand Trial for Sex Abuse Cover-up & Top Advisor Symbolizes Sex Abuse Cover-up

On October 11, Michael Dougherty in an article for National Review titled "The Case against Pope Francis" revealed that "Archbishop Luis Ladaria Ferrer, is set to stand trail in France for his role in covering-up a child-sex-abuse scandal. Francis made him head of the Vatican's [CDF] doctrinal office, which adjudicates [judges] abuse cases." Maybe even worst, Francis's top advisor, also, is accused of protecting a pedophile priest and says he will not "denounce" pedophiles to the FBI, claims sex abuse journalist whistleblowers are "beasts" and says sex abuse cover-up Cardinal Bernard Law "was a saint." Vatican expert John Allen reports who is the Pope's top advisor and that he "symbolizes" the "Pope Francis era": Cardinal  Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga  "symbolizes" the "Pope Francis era... he comes off as virtually a 'vice-pope,' the coordinator of Francis’ all-important council

Pope Francis, Martin Luther, the Devil and Heresy

Pope Francis recently cryptically called Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò the "Great Accuser" which is a name for the devil. Francis in his fixation with the devil and his foes as well as feces and heresy appears almost to be possessed by the spirit of Martin Luther who never stopped talking about excrement and talking to the devil: ""Devil, I have just s*** in my trousers. Have you smelled it?" -Martin Luther (, "Fecal Fridays: Martin Luther on the Toilet," December 1, 2017) Luther had continuous visions of the devil and of excrement as all Luther scholars know: "The filthy language of Luther... a vocabulary of excrement... -against Satan... in his later years the violence and frequent obscenity... directed at his human foes." ("Martin Luther," by Michael A. Mullet, page 338) Besides the Pope's fixation on the devil, his foes and feces, it appears that Francis has, also, joined Luther in believing in th

Cd. Ouellet says Pope Francis had No "Interest" in Zero Tolerance for Predator McCarrick

Pope Francis collaborator Cardinal Marc Ouellet in an open letter admitted that ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was under punitive restrictions before Francis took office and that the present pope took no "interest" in zero tolerance for McCarrick even after he was informed of credible sex abuse allegations against the then cardinal by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò" On October 7, The Wall Street Journal reported that senior Vatican official Cardinal Ouellet, head of the Vatican's office of bishop, admitted that ex-Cardinal McCarrick was under punitive restrictions before Francis took office: Cardinal Ouellet "called the 'monstrous accusation' that Pope Francis ignored reports of sexual misconduct by a key cardinal, but confirmed a key point of the accusation: that the cardinal had been under punitive restrictions when the pope took office in 2013." "... Ouellet acknowledged that Cardinal McCarrick had been 'forcefully exhorted not to