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Fellow at Hoover Institution: "To Lose a Margin of 58 to 41 with 600 to 700 Thousand Votes with One & Half million Mail-in Ballots... how... Statistically Possible"

T he Epoch Times did a video interview with "[i]international recognized authority on... the Cold War and communism" Dr. Paul G. Kengor who is "the executive director of The Center for Vision & Values, a Grove City College think-tank/policy center... also a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution on War , Revolution, and Peace at Stanford University " according to Wikipedia and Grove City college. [] and [ ] In the interview titled " Video: Dr. Paul Kengor: The Pennsylvania Voting Curve Doesn’t Line Up ," Dr. Kengor said of the Pennsylvania voting curve "I don't see how this can be statistically possible": "If it is indeed fraud. I want to be very careful. But to lose a margin of 58 to 41 with 600 to 700 thousand votes with one and half million mail-in ballots. Again, Biden would have to have needed over 80%. I don'

Attorney: Voter Fraud & “Criminal Conspiracy" for Dummies

Today, attorney, author and World Net Daily contributor Scott Lively has given a great overview of voter fraud and “criminal conspiracy" for dummies : Election Fraud for Dummies Election fraud is the act of stealing or trying to steal an election by cheating.   When it is done by an individual it is called voter fraud. When it is done by a group of people cooperating together it is called “criminal conspiracy.”    Conspiracies are usually very hard to prove because the people doing them work very hard to hide the evidence so they don’t get caught.  The best way to get away with it, is to do it in places where all the people who could expose or punish you, such as the police, judges, news reporters, election officials, etc. are your friends. Groups of criminal friends all in one place are called “political machines.”   Democrats really like having those kinds of friends, so the places that have the most election fraud are cities which have the most Democrats

"Divided Pennsylvania House gives approval for audit of 2020 election" | Pittsburgh Post-Gazett

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazett reported that the "Pennsylvania House gives approval for an audit of 2020 election ":   A deeply divided state House on Thursday voted to approve a Republican-sponsored measure that sets up a near-immediate audit of the 2020 election, citing inconsistencies and confusion in the electorate as evidence the process must be improved for future elections in the state. The chamber voted 112 to 90 for a resolution that told the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee, or a contractor it will hire, to conduct the audit and report back by early February. Republicans argued they were responding to constituents who were confused by some of the procedures as the state conducted a high-turnout election during a pandemic and under greatly expanded mail-in voting eligibility. Democratic arguments that the measure should be revised or was unconstitutional were defeated by the GOP majority. [