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Is the Francis Vatican a Soros & Obama NSA Deep State Operation?

Ganesh Sahathevan is a Fellow at the (American Center for Democracy) ACD’s Economic Warfare Institute. The ACD/EWI team specializes in economic warfare, purposeful interference in civilian infrastructure, including the financial markets, transnational criminal and terrorist organizations. ACD fellow Sahathevan  said Pope Francis's closest collaborator has "an illegal slush fund financed by George Soros": "Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, the so-called "Vice Pope" given his close association with Pope Francis, has refused to answer questions concerning his work with a number of NGOs funded by billionaire George Soros.Cardinal Oscar has also refused to answer queries concerning any funding he, or entities associated with him, may have received from Soros..." "... It does appear as if the "Vice Pope" is on some campaign to change the Vatican from within, and that he is doing so with what amounts to an illegal slush fund financed b

Is Black Lives Matter Racist and Anti-Semitic?

It appears that Sacramento King basketball announcer Grant Napear was forced to resign for Twitting "All Lives Matters." Does this means that the phrase "Black Lives Matter" to the Black Lives Matter organization and to the leftist politically correct powers that be that only black lives matter and that Latino, Jewish, Asian, white, all non-black and all non-Islamic persons lives don't matter? If this is true then the leftist politically correct powers that be that promote Black Lives Matter appear to be pushing a type of Black Nazism  that is apparently racist and anti-Semitic. The Nazis ideological narrative was that since the German race suffered after World War I that only German lives mattered so they were justified in killing Jews, Slavs and other races. It appears that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) ideological narrative is because blacks suffered in the past that only black lives matter so riots are justified against other races. According to the

Might George Floyd's Killer not be a Racist, but a Rogue Cop who may be a Democrat & Is "Black Lives Matter" a Racist Phrase?

Chauvin talks with her son, George Xiong, who grabs soup from the refrigerator for lunch before going to work. (Jean Pieri / Pioneer Press) Is it possible that since the media apparently doesn't want to look into the matter that the Floyd killer's wife and the killer himself may be Democrats? Is it possible that the man who killed Floyd (who was married to a "person of color" as Barack Obama's DNC called minorities) was not a racist, but simply a rogue cop who may be a Democrat? If a black person kills a white person is it always racist and when whites kill blacks is it always racist? Might a black person kill a white person for reasons besides racist reasons and when whites kill blacks might they kill blacks for non-racist reasons? Does the evidence point to Floyd's killer being a racist or not and does the evidence point to Derek Chauvin being a Republican or Democrat? Derek Chauvin who killed George Floyd is married to Kellie Chauvin who is

5 Dubia Questions for Pope Benedict XVI & not for the Benedict Bot

June 6, 2019 was the day that the Catholic Monitor posted 5 Dubia questions for One Peter Five publisher Steve Skojec to answer and like Francis he has refused to answer. Skojec was banned from posting in the Monitor comment section until he allowed a free forum for debate on those Dubia questions on the One Peter Five website comment section. As far as we can see, there is still no freedom to debate at that website, but a priest and others banned there as well as a Italian Latin language expert and supporters of Skojec (one of the 1P5 publisher supporters is a blogger) carried on a debate for two days in the Catholic Monitor. [ ] It was beautiful to see honest debate.  In the debate, Jonathan D'Souza posted a "Dubia for Benedict." Please go to the post link above to read it. I loved the idea so here are the Catholic Monitor's 5 Dubia questions for Pope Benedict XVI. Bu

Floyd's Killer is Married to a Non-White Woman who May be a Democrat

Chauvin talks with her son, George Xiong, who grabs soup from the refrigerator for lunch before going to work. (Jean Pieri / Pioneer Press) Derek Chauvin who killed George Floyd is married to Kellie Chauvin who is a refugee from Laos and is ethnically a Hmong. It seems that the media is keeping it quiet that Floyd's killer is married to a refugee non-white woman. Here is an article on Chauvin's wife from 2018:  "Even in America, Chauvin said, she felt like she was still in a refugee camp." "Ten years old, she was placed in a kindergarten class, where she knew less about reading and writing English than her younger classmates." “'They say ‘land of the free,’ but I still didn’t feel like we were free,” Chauvin said. 'We didn’t know English... '" "... It was at the hospital that she met her current husband, Derek Chauvin. The Minneapolis police officer spotted his future wife when he brought someone in for a health check be

Flashback: Democrats Debate who can Kill the most Unborn Babies: Hillary or Obama

March 06, 2008 Democrats Debate who can Kill the most Unborn Babies: Hillary or Obama Democrats Debate who can Kill the most Unborn Babies: Hillary or Obama Note the abortion issue coverage and the battle between Hillary and Barack. Best, John It's Obama versus the sisterhood By Robin Abcarian, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer March 2, 2008 Darlene Ewing is a Democratic activist, longtime feminist and very frustrated Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter. Like many who have dreamed of seeing a woman in the Oval Office, Ewing doesn't understand why women are drifting in ever-greater numbers away from Clinton toward her rival, Barack Obama. This trend, which has imperiled the candidacy of the woman once considered a shoo-in for her party's nomination, infuriates the frank-talking Texan. "They're running to the rock star, to the momentum, to the excitement," said Ewing, a family law attorney who chairs the Dallas County Democratic Party. "And I am

Compelling Evidence that Religious Experiences have a Nonmaterial Origin

"Do religious experiences come from God, or are they merely the random firing of neurons in the brain?" "Drawing on his research with Carmelite nuns, neuroscientist Mario Beauregard shows that genuine, life-changing spiritual events can be documented. He offers compelling evidence that religious experiences have a nonmaterial origin, making a convincing case that it is God who creates our spiritual experiences, not the brain." "In his book The Spiritual Brain , Beauregard and co-author Denyse O'Leary explore recent attempts to locate a "God gene" or explain away mystic experiences as due to epilepsy or other pathologies." "Beauregard claims such efforts are misguided and narrow-minded, resulting from a refusal to consider anything except a monistic materialist world-view rather than deriving from valid scientific thought. Beauregard explores the latest neurological research on mystic experiences and gets to their real source. You

Why are Democrat Mayors allowing Killing, Maiming and Burning in "Heavily Black Areas"?

The burning, looting and killing riots are not about George Floyd's killing. Both Floyd’s girlfriend and brother have said that he would have opposed them as they oppose the riots. The riots are pure evil. Every sane person is against the killing of an unharmed man by a policeman and more so against mobs that are burning, killing and maiming blacks, minorities and whites in these riots against the wishes of the Floyd family.  If the riots are not about George Floyd's killing, what are they about? It is obvious that the riots are about giving criminals and evil groups such as Antifa the license to kill, maim and burn in "heavily black areas" at will as the Democrat mayors tell their police forces to stand down and allow the debauchery. The Washington Times reported: "Minneapolis and other major cities have finally re-opened, at least to looters and arsonists. For three days, police in Minneapolis and St. Paul were ordered to stand down as rioters destro

Francis Effect: Traditionalists are the Hope & Future of the Catholic Church

Catholic Monitor commenter  MEwbank   said that the future of the Catholic Church is the traditionalist movement which the Francis effect has caused to have "unprecedented growth":   "The future of the Catholic Church will be through the traditional Roman rite, Carmelite rite, Dominican rite, Carthusian rite, Sarum rite, Braga rite, Iberian rite, and all other legitimate ancient rites of the complex patrimony of our western Christendom." "The future never was, nor ever will be, actualized through rationalistically inspired iconoclasm concerning liturgy and the undermining orthodoxy and orthopraxy by Modernist clerics and their Masonic allies, who have demonically sought to accommodate to an ideological secularism and all that this implies." "At this point in time, one's choice clearly is to be an ally of the saints and our true Catholic forbearers or of the aforementioned numerous arrogant and vicious fools who sought to destroy the Chur

Gregory & Barron strongly Support Francis, Amoris Laetitia & Opus Dei's COVID Hysteria Narrative

The Spanish website called Sin Miedo de al "Opus Dei" which translates in English to Without Fear of "Opus Dei" stated in Spain that the leftist media and apparently the Opus Dei so-called "conservative" media have united to push the coronavirus hysteria: "[T]here is not a single Spanish media in which there is a dissident voice... No one dares move a finger or open their mouths to say that there is something strange in so much quarantine and interruption of activity [by lockdowns]." (Sinmiedoalopusdei, "Architecture of Oppression," April 11, 2020) Why is the supposedly "conservative" Opus Dei media in Spain according to this Spanish website pushing a narrative that is destroying the country's political freedom, economy and banning the Mass? Opus Dei is not just promoting the coronavirus hysteria, but is supportive of Francis and Amoris Laetitia. Washington DC Archbishop Wilton Gregory and Bishop Robert Barron a