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Is Pope Francis using Gaslighting or Brainwashing not just with Cdl. Wuerl, but with Amoris Laetitia to Silence All the Bishops & Cardinals?

Philosopher and author Dr. Taylor Marshall recently asked if "Pope Francis['s] ... praising [disgraced] Wuerl's nobility... retain[ing] his status as Cardinal and member of the Congregation for Bishops... is an example of 'gaslighting'"? (, "Why did Pope Francis Rescue Cardinal Wuerl?, [Podcast]" October 17, 2018) The Miami New Times wrote that Francis's "noble" Cardinal Donald Wuerl covered-up for serial predator Fr. George Zirwas who was involved with a rapist porn ring of priests: The "Pennsylvania grand jury report... outlines Zirwas and a group of other Pennsylvania priests 'used whips, violence, and sadism in raping their victims' and routinely filmed and photographed child pornography with boys on church property." (Miami New Times, "South Florida Priest in Cuba Outed as Part of Pennsylvania Child Porn Ring," August 16, 2018) Moreover the Pennsylvania report according to Chur

Rosary is the Path to Victory against Pope Francis's Modernism

The Remnant article on October 16 titled "The Oath Against Modernism: Template for Action" by the fine journalist Hilary White said: " We’ve probably all had enough of the facile reminder, “Just pray the Rosary.” Since many, many people who squeeze their daily beads are in the same state of confusion as those who don't, maybe we can try getting more specific... I would suggest that a first step in any battle plan must be accurate intelligence. We have to know very precisely what our enemies are doing...  But  since the principles of Modernism have been adopted by our entire civilisation, by interiorising the Oath [against Modernism of Pope St. Pius X] , one can in a sense inoculate on by oneself against the aerosolized version of the disease." [ ] This is a good tactic, but not the  " template for action."  White is wrong if she means to

Gay Lobby Cdl.Maradiaga, the Honduran Migrant Caravan Gays, Human Trafficking & MS-13

Just noting some coincidences about the Honduran migrant caravan coming to the United States: 1. It is coming from extreme anti-Trump Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga's home country Honduras. 2. Maradiaga is known for his connections to the United States and Honduras gay lobbies. 3. A news report says Honduran gays, "trans women [men]," involved in the caravan were accused by Guatamala officials of human trafficking. 4. President Donald Trump said the caravan included criminals. The criminal organization from Honduras M-13 is known to be involved in human trafficking. Here is the evidence that Maradiaga is connected to the McCarrick United States and the Honduran gay lobbies: -"In his statement released Saturday, Archbishop Viganò refers to Cardinal Cupich as a man “blinded by his pro-gay ideology ” who was appointed as archbishop outside of normal Church protocols because of the powerful backing of three influential cardinals... “The appointments of

Does Cardinal Sodano own Pope Francis as he "Apparently 'owned'” John Paul II?

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror, but on March 13, 2013 he turned his attention to the Catholic Church after Pope Benedict XVI resigned. He wrote: "Why did the the Catholic church remove the expression 'the world order' from the transcript of yesterday’s speech by Cardinal Sodomo – I’m sorry, make that Cardinal Sodano?" "Robert Moynihan, the very mainstream ' Inside the Vatican'  correspondent, was so perplexed by this bizarre act of censorship that he spent  637 words analyzing it yesterday. Here is an extract from Moynihan’s “ Inside the Vatican Letter #44 “:" 'Anyway, this evening, I was not going to send out a letter, and then, reading the Italian press, I came across an odd little item, which caught my attention.'   'I am always interested in “little” details like this. As they say, ' the devil is in the details.''   'Ok, here is the sto