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Can Popes Teach the Hersey of Communion for Adulterers in their Ordinary Magisterium?

Theologian Fr. J.C. Fenton in an 1946 article for the American Ecclesiastical Review wrote the following:  - “Under no circumstances can the Supreme Pontiff be in error when he teaches the entire Church on matters of faith." -  “The Roman Church as well as the Roman Pontiff is exempt from the possibility of error in faith." - “The Roman Pontiff is incapable of error, not only in decrees of faith but also in precepts of morals which are prescribed for the whole Church and which deal with matters necessary to salvation.” (De Romano Pontifice, 1586; Lib. IV, cap. 5, col. 987). (American Ecclesiastical Review, December 1946; “The Necessity of the Definition of Papal Infallibility by the Vatican Council”) Moreover, Fr. Felton wrote in the article “The Doctrinal Authority of Papal Encyclicals":  "The Church can teach infallibly by solemn judgment or by its ordinary and universal magisterium … capable of issuing infallible definitions on matters included in wha

Is 1P5's Skojec "Resurrecting Josemaría Escrivá & Opus Dei?"

Francis, who is famous for destroying the traditional faithful order the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, said he was "delighted" with the Legionaries of Christ founded by a gay pervert: "Francis said, 'I am delighted to welcome you new priests of the Legionaries of Christ.'" (Herald Malaysia Online, "Pope greets newly ordained Legionaries of Christ at General Audience," December 15, 2016) The Remnant wrote that Francis attacked the traditionalist Friars to get their money and for "ideological" anti-traditionalist Catholicism reasons. (Remnant, "Follow the Money... or the Ideology: Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate Update, June 6, 2017) Might the apparently money-strapped Vatican and Francis be "delighted" with the pro-Francis Legionaries because they had "an annual budget of $650 million... assets of approximately $1 billion"? (The Irish Times, "The 'gangster' superior, the Irish prie

Why are Edward Peters & LifeSiteNews Afraid of a Real Debate with Canon Law Expert Br. Alexis Bugnolo?

Below is an exchange between a frequent Catholic blog commenter who apparently claims to be a priest  Fr. VF   and a commenter with the tag Amateur Brain Surgeon  (who is supposed to have a blog) in the Catholic Monitor comment section on lack of citation of canon law in defending ones position on if Pope Benedict XVI's resignation is invalid or not: Fr. VF  said in response to a Amateur Brain Surgeon comment : "I read ABS, and I see lots of name-calling. I see gratuitous assertions, but no citations from any text. And I see a great, big Straw Man. Namely, the Barnhardtists DO NOT claim to read anybody's mind. They quote the WORDS of the instrument of resignation. Again, something ABS never quotes or analyzes." Amateur Brain Surgeon  responded : "Dear Father VF. ABS notes you cited no Canon having to do with the legitimacy of occult claims." "Bullets Barnhardt is not an expert in Canon Lawyer. She has no education in Canon Law. She has no d

Is Ferrara becoming Skojec?

One Peter Five's publisher Steve Skojec appears to have a pattern of throwing ex-friends under the bus, that is to betray friends or allies for selfish reasons. On February 5, Skojec's ex-friend Oakes Spalding of Mahound's Paradise in Twitter said to Skojec: "I never thought... you would lower yourself to this level of dishonesty... In the past, I privately tried to make peace between Steve and at least two of his growing number of ex-friends. They wouldn't budge. I now understand why." It appears that Remnant newspaper writer Chris Ferrara, who I call Chris F-error-a to my friends because he once had fun with me when I misspelled his last name, also, has apparently lowered himself to a "level of dishonesty." Mr. Ferrara, apparently knowing full well that his friend and colleague Fr. Nicholas Gruner publicly citing Canon 332.2 considered Pope Benedict XVI's resignation invalid meaning "Benedict is still the Pope" and "Fran

Dogmatic Scholar: "Bellarmine: a Doubtful Pope is no Pope... 'if a Papal Election is really Doubtful for any Reason'"

Fr. Elwood Sylvester Berry (1879-1954) was professor at Mount St. Mary's Seminary in Maryland. Dogmatic theology scholar Fr. Berry in his apologetic and dogmatic treatise which according to his introduction "was originally written in Latin" stated that according to Doctor of the Church St. Robert Bellarmine: "a doubtful pope is no pope... 'if a papal election is doubtful for any reason'": "Hence the saying of Bellarmine: a doubtful pope is no pope. 'Therefore,' continues the Cardinal, 'if a papal election is really doubtful for any reason, the elected should resign, so that a new election may be held. But if he refuses to resign, it becomes the duty of the bishops to adjust the matter, for although the bishops without the pope cannot define dogma nor make laws for the universal Church, they can and ought to decide, when occasion demands, who is the legitimate pope; and if the matter be doubtful, they should provide for the Church by

It is Cdl. Muller & Friends who are Comparable to the German Parliament that granted Hitler Dictatorial Powers

Cardinal Gerhard Muller is wrong in saying the German Church's "Synodal Way" compares to the German Parliament which voted for the "Enabling Act" that granted dictatorial powers to Adolf Hitler that brought lawlessness to the country. The German "Synodal Way "Church makes no pretense of being Catholic unlike Muller and all the the cardinals and bishops who restate Catholic truth, but refuse to fight for the truths of Jesus Christ. The Germans are just following Francis's logical lawless path of Amoris Laetitia's teaching of Communion for adulterers which logically leads to Communion for homosexuals, etc.... Sadly, it is Cardinal Muller and all the faithful Catholic cardinals and bishops who are comparable to the the German Parliament's enabling of Hitler to receive totalitarian power in their enabling of Francis. They know Communion for adulterers is heresy, but refuse to issue a correction against Francis and call an imperfect cou

Is Non-Theologian Ryan Grant's so-called Expertise in Latin Translation "Worthless"?

- Updated  February 15, 2020 How good a Latin language translator is Ryan Grant compared to Latin language scholar Br. Alexis Bugnolo? The renowned Latin language expert Br. Bugnolo was the editor of the Franciscan Archive as publisher, project coordinator and translator of Bonaventure and Lombard. If one googles Br. Alexis Bugnolo and, one finds Bugnolo's name as well as translations mentioned over and over again in footnotes and text. Grant writes for Steve Skojec's One Peter Five and according to that blog's biography of him his Latin language scholarly background is: "Ryan Grant... taught Latin for seven years." (One Peter Five, "Author: Ryan Grant") The Latin teacher is not a theologian or a canon law expert. The apparent only reason any one should even bother to listen to him is because he has done some Latin translations of St. Robert Bellarmine and St. Alphonsus. Here is renowned Latin language expert Br. Bugnolo'