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Is Ferrara becoming Skojec?

One Peter Five's publisher Steve Skojec appears to have a pattern of throwing ex-friends under the bus, that is to betray friends or allies for selfish reasons.

On February 5, Skojec's ex-friend Oakes Spalding of Mahound's Paradise in Twitter said to Skojec:

"I never thought... you would lower yourself to this level of dishonesty... In the past, I privately tried to make peace between Steve and at least two of his growing number of ex-friends. They wouldn't budge. I now understand why."

It appears that Remnant newspaper writer Chris Ferrara, who I call Chris F-error-a to my friends because he once had fun with me when I misspelled his last name, also, has apparently lowered himself to a "level of dishonesty."

Mr. Ferrara, apparently knowing full well that his friend and colleague Fr. Nicholas Gruner publicly citing Canon 332.2 considered Pope Benedict XVI's resignation invalid meaning "Benedict is still the Pope" and "Francis is anti-Pope," said:

"Finally, no traditionalist I would consider a colleague has ever declared that Francis is an anti-Pope... or that Benedict is still the Pope."
(Fatima Perspectives, "Not Fair, Mr. Keating," December 30, 2017)

It is possible that Ferrara is the only Catholic on the planet who doesn't know what his friend and colleague Fr. Gruner said. If this is true I apologise to him.

Otherwise, it appears he and Skojec are being dishonest and throwing under the bus old friends because they are afraid to honestly engage even their former friends and colleagues in fair debate on the possibility that Benedict's resignation is invalid and that Francis's conclave was invalid.

It appears that both are willing to betray former friends and colleagues to not be, as they apparently think, smeared for thinking it possible that Benedict's resignation is invalid or Francis's conclave was invalid.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Aqua said…
“The standard of unity has become the vector of schism”. Sorry, Steve. Anne B called it. You are a prime example that she is right. Again.

There is no better evidence of that than the pathetic, truly pathetic chest beating Steve Skojec and his pals who throw insults at other Catholics with a will - the Pope is the focus of all this rage, anger, calumny and confusion.

A Pope should be like every other Pope: defender of the Faith; explainer of the Faith; Teacher; Pastor. And all Catholics surround him with love as for Christ our Lord who he points to in his every public utterance which are intimately connected to the Magisterium of antiquity. When we speak of the Pope, it is with love, veneration, awe, take a pilgrimage of a lifetime just to see him.

But an antipope does not lead down those pleasant paths. Vicious insults, ongoing grudges, chest thumping, insulting and demeaning sisters in the Faith. There really are few clues more obvious pointing to the antipope status of Bergoglio than the spirit that has infected the Church up to and including those who should be her most ardent and loving defenders: faithful, orthodox, traditional Catholics.

The insane premise of Skojec and his FrancisTrad Cult is that objective reality needs permission to be openly recognized. We can all see Bergoglio's manifest heresies - we're just not allowed to openly recognize that reality - yet. Which leads to the contradiction that an Infallible Magisterium can currently allow an antipope to be valid - while a future Magisterium can retrospectively invalidate him.

This of course disproves "Divine Protection" and openly reveals a Temporal Contradiction. In short - either the present Magisterium is false - or the future Magisterium will be false. It is logically impossible for both to be True

Here's the simple reality of their intellectually dishonest position:



They are currently PRETENDING he's a valid pope as they holdout hope for some future permission to stop lying to everyone
Islam_Is_Islam said…
@Lazarus Gethsemane: Well said. I would add, "...they holdout hope for some future permission to stop lying to everyone, especially themselves."

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