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Are Francis & his Minions like Satan & his Minions?

The Urban Dictionary defines Satan's minions as: "A person spreading evil on small and large scale, bending people towards tempting tasks" "That's the guy who taught me how masturbate and showed porn, a true satan's minion he is." The thought that the minions of Francis are like Satan's minions came to me when Fr. Thomas Reese promoted the big lie that Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is "disgraced" for exposing Francis's sex abuse cover-ups. Anyone who has studied Francis's career knows he has a problem with lying and Reese is following in his footsteps "spreading evil on small and large scale[s]." Jesus said Satan "was a murderer from the beginning.... When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature for he is a liar and the father of lies" (John 8, 44) One of Francis's most faithful minion Reese following in the footsteps of "the father of lies" stated in a 2009 debate the big lie th

Goldman Sachs' Gay Star News: Francis threw Trans under the Bus for "Decriminalization of Homosexuality" Vatican Statement; or it "Dialogue with the Devil"

The Gay Star News which according to Wikipedia "went live with the backing of investors: Goldman Sachs, PwC and [the] National Australia Bank" said: "And the question is, if we see a statement on decriminalization of homosexuality or blessing of same-sex civil unions, is it worth... how we educate Catholics on trans issues." "Progressive Catholic groups hope Francis will not make that sacrifice." (Gay Star News (GSN), "Will Pope Francis sacrifice trans lives in exchange for gay sex progress?" June 13, 2019) The article which reported it had "Vatican insider" sources divulged that the GSN "exclusively revealed in March" that Francis's "Vatican was planning to make its biggest LGBTI rights statement in history." But, the homosexual news site speculated that a Benedict XVI's anti-sodomy essay at least temporarily stopped Francis's attempt to betray Catholic moral teachings by promoting a sin that &

Canon 212's Walker is Exactly What is needed in our Effeminate, Whiny & Nice Francis Church

Canon 212's Frank Walker is exactly what is needed in our effeminate Francis Church. He is a crusty character with a heart of gold. He is a St. Jerome for our time. The Okie Traditionalist apparently is a good man even though, today, he broadsided Walker. The Okie speaks much truth, but he seems like many in the Church who prefer to whine instead of acting against the evils in the Church. He complained: "Frankly (pun intended), I'm at a loss why much of the headlines are now written with added editorial flavor of a polemical and snarky tone .  Which I get doing about some headlines here and there, to leave your own mark on the story, but not most unless the theme of Canon 212 has changed from being an unbiased presentation of the news to a satirical editorial. Which would be fine that change has not been officially stated.   Or am I off in seeing a shift??" "... I've wondered how Frank keeps all the details arranged in his mind every day to organ