Is Canon 212's Walker What is needed in our Effeminate Francis Church?

    EWTN POSSE PRIEST FR. GERRY MURRAY BLASTS CANON212 FOR ‘VITUPERATIVITY!’ HOW COULD HE SAY, “THUGCARDINAL!?” THAT’S DISRESPECCCTTTTFULLL! Father [Gerry Murray] objects to Frank Walker/Canon 212 calling modernist and tyrannical  cardinals and popes “thug cardinals” and “thug popes.” While doing the Pints with Aquinas podcast, a part of the Professional Catholic Inc online world.  Here us why he is wrong.  Francis IS a “thug pope,” and many cardinals like him ARE “thug cardinals.”  That is a fact.  You call them out to protect the Mystical Body of Christ, when matters get grave. No pope or bishop has the authority to force modernism down the throats of priests, religious, men, women, and children just wanting to be Catholic.  Doing that in your role as a pope or bishop does not represent the papacy or episcopate as founded by Christ.  So it is fitting and effective to state that fact through the use of a name, when the purpose is to call out their gravely scandalous be
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