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Francis's "['Most Important Advisor... in the Reform of the Curia] Cardinal Presented Heresy Of 'Unlimited Papal Power'”: Might Cdl. Mueller still think that Francis could be an Antipope?

[Francis] Cardinal Presented Heresy Of “Unlimited Papal Power” The newly appointed Cardinal Gianfranco Ghirlanda SJ shared at the August consistory the idea that a pope's power over the Church is “unlimited”, Cardinal Müller revealed to (September 23). Ghirlanda presented a “theory of the papacy as an unlimited power of divine right over the whole Church, as if the Pope were a Deus in terris [God on earth].” Müller replied that this contradicts the entire Catholic tradition and is a caricature of the Petrine ministry. He added that Ghirlanda’s idea provoked critical contributions during the consistory. - [] he theory of the papacy as an unlimited power of divine right over the whole Church, as if the pope were a  Deus in terris . The newly appointed Cardinal Ghirlanda, SJ, as the pope’s most important advisor on curial reform, holds the view that everything the popes have said or done in the course of Ch
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Historian Newman said "the Pure Arians were the Protestants, the Semi-Arians were the Anglicans " so now are "the Pure [Modernist Heretics]... the [Francis Liberals], the Semi-[Modernists]... the [Catholic Conservatives]"... [&] The truth lay, not with the Via Media [Liberal/Conservative], but with what was [& is] called the ‘Extreme Party'" which is the Traditionalists?

- "Some... assembled [Council] prelates advocated... harsh measures towards the [Semi-Arian] Arianizers...  Athanasius, however, proposed more temperate measures... A decree was passed, that such  [Semi-Arian] bishops as had communicated with the Arians through weakness or surprise, should be recognized in their respective sees, on signing the Nicene formulary; but that those, who publicly defended the heresy, should only be admitted to lay-communion ... Yet it cannot be denied, that men of zeal and boldness were found among the [Semi-Arian] Arianizers. Two laymen, Flavian and Diodorus, protested with spirit against the [unambiguous Arian] heterodoxy of the crafty Leontius, and kept alive an orthodox [Catholic] party in the midst of the [Arian] Eusebian communion." (The Arians of the Fourth Century, By John Henry Newman, Pages 198-199)    'Yet the men were better than their creed; and it is satisfactory to be able to detect amid the impiety and worldliness of the heretica

Timothy Gordon dared "Pope Explainers" to Refute him & the Bishops who Corrected Francis for Heresy

Bishops, priests and scholars correct Pope Francis' statement  Timothy Gordon who studied philosophy at Pontifical universities and is best known for been a former co-host of Taylor Marshall's youtube channel has joined four bishops and numerous scholars in correcting Francis for heresy in his youtube show " Francis A Heretic? New Letter From Bishops":   In the show, Gordon dared "pope explainers" to refute him and the bishops who corrected Francis for heresy.  The Gordon youtube show commenter MT remarked: " This is an historic moment, grave matter and unambiguously... Pope Francis is a heretic and learned, authoritative bishops have declared this fact! Thank you for making this more publicly known. Let's pray for more Cardinals and bishops especially to add their names to this very important letter." Pray an Our Father now in reparation for the  sins of  Francis's Amoris Laetitia. Pray an Our Father now for t

Flashback: Mark Shea & His Patheos' Lap Dog are Good for a Few Laughs until we Remember they're Complicit with Francis's Sex Abuse Cover-ups

Mark Shea and a lap dog of his Scott Eric Alt have been on the attack at Patheos which Wikipedia says is a "spirituality site" that includes "Catholic, Progressive Christian, Nonreligious and Pagan Channels." The two leftist "Progressive" collaborators over the last few days have been attacking the Catholic aggregator website Canon 212, Cardinal Raymond Burke and Catholic Patrick Coffin so it seemed like a good time to shine the light on Shea and his friend which for me can be amusing at times. I found it ridiculous and at the same time laughable in the contrast between the two when the Catholic philosophy scholar Edward Feser judiciously and painstakingly embarrassed the boorish yet obtuse Shea. Please don't mistake obtuse with obese which, also, describes Mark; it means annoyingly insensitive and slow to understand. It was amusing because the arrogant Shea apparently wasn't aware that he was making himself look ridiculous over and over again. Fes