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NC Register: Pope Francis's February Sex Abuse Plan is to "Place... Responsibility on... Archbishops like... McCarrick"

Shamelessly and unrepentantly it appears that Pope Francis is scandalously through his mouthpiece Cardinal Blase Cupich exposing his February 2019 plan to police bishops like McCarrick with bishops like McCarrick. Francis "deliberately humiliated" the US Bishops sex abuse conference said one US bishop according to the National Catholic Register. The apparent reason he "humiliated" and forced the conference to fail in possibly instituting "independent lay commission[s]" to investigate sex abuse predator bishops like ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was because Francis wanted instead to "place... [that] responsibility on archbishops like... McCarrick" reported the Register: "Cardinal Cupich had been informed by the Holy Father [Francis] or his advisers... Cupich proposed an entirely different alternative to the independent lay commission, one that placed the principle responsibility on metropolitan archbishops like himself, or like Cardin

Pope Francis is the Greatest Crisis in Church History: How can he be Removed?

We are in the greatest crisis in the history of the Church because we appear to have a pope and his pro-gay bishops network who make the immoral Borgia popes and their inner circles look like choir boys. The Mundabor  blog summed up the situation in the United States: "Now, everyone with an IQ bigger than the size of his shoes knows that the Bishops aren’t avoiding to release information so that they can investigate more thoroughly than the public could do. No, they are keeping information away from you so that they can a) protect the vast number of people implicated in the protection and enabling of Cardinal McCarrick, b) avoid the unearthing of a vast,  vast homosexual clerical net inside and outside of the Vatican ,  and c) pretend that they are acting against clerical abuse when they are, in fact, consolidating it and helping it to fester inside and even at the very heart of the Church." "If you thought that the US Bishops would put themselves at the head of t

Why are Pro-Gay Pope Francis Collaborator Cdl.Cupich & Bp.Conlon "Chagrined to be asked to Sign a Code of Conduct" that "could Cover Sexual Relationships with Adults"?

Pope Francis collaborator Cardinal Blasé Cupich and pro-homosexual  Bishop Daniel Conlon  are according to the bishop " chagrined to be asked to sign a code of conduct": "Twitter by: Matthew Schmitz @matthewschmitz JD Flynn ‏   @ jdflynn Nov 13 +Conlon: We bps are capable of malfeasance on other issues than sex. Perhaps there is a blessing in the delay set by Holy See, norms can be more comprehensive. I agree w/ +Cupich I am chagrined to be asked to sign a code of conduct: I promised to be celibate when I was ordained." [ ] Everyone knows that Cupich is Francis's pro-gay bishops network point man in the United States while the pro-Francis Conlon is known for saying the homosexualization of "the Boy Scouts can [still] benefit youth": "After that 2015 policy change, several bishops — including Bishop Richard S